18 Amazing Free Bootstrap Checkbox Examples 2019

If you’re looking for amazing Bootstrap checkboxes, this blog post will be useful for you. This post lists the best free Bootstrap checkbox examples, with ‘Demo’ and ‘Download’ buttons clicking which you can see previews of the checkboxes and can download them. This article will also give you brief descriptions of the checkbox examples.

A checkbox lets you select items. Through a checkbox, you can let your website visitors or app users choose one or multiple items. This website element is useful in many situations. For example, if you have a shopping site, it’s useful when you want to allow your customers to choose multiple products. This is just one example. You can use it for many other various purposes. To give you another example, you can let your users select multiple items at the time of registration. You can also use it to allow your users to apply multiple filters using checkboxes for an advanced search. So there are countless examples.

If you need a checkbox for your web app, take a look at these checkbox examples listed in this post. These examples are beautiful. So they will look nice on your website and will greatly increase your site’s user experience.

Checkboxes and removable labels by Elizabet Oliveira

Bootstrap checkbox by Elizabet

This checkbox example comes with removable labels. This example has been nicely designed with Bootstrap, by Elizabet Oliveira, a CodePen user. This pen has three checkboxes with the labels ‘Ball Parker’, ‘Health Ryan’, and ‘Burgess Doylo’. The checkboxes look very cool.

When you click on the items, they not just get checked/selected with a small tick icon, the checkbox labels also appear at the bottom with green backgrounds. So if you select two items from this list, two labels with green backgrounds appear at the bottom, which you can remove by clicking the small cross icons in the green labels.

The green color labels indicate that these items have been selected. When you remove the green labels, the items also get unselected.

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AngularJS / Bootstrap checkboxes by Chris Perko

Bootstrap checkbox by Chris

The checkboxes in this example have been developed using AngularJS and Bootstrap. This example is a pen created by Chris Perko. It has two groups of checkboxes. In the first group, the user can select multiple items while in the second group, the user can select only one item. In the second group of checkboxes, when the user selects a checkbox, the other ones get disabled. So the user cannot select them.

When the user selects an item, a black tick icon appears indicating that the item has been selected. The checkboxes are squares. The color that has been used is black, you can change it to make the example look better.

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Bootstrap checkbox with custom icons by Stavros

Bootstrap checkbox by Stavros

As the name suggests, custom icons have been used in this checkbox example. As a result, the checkboxes look modern. This Bootstrap checkbox example has been developed by Stavros, a CodePen user, and it has been beautifully designed using Bootstrap, a powerful CSS framework. In this example, there are two checkboxes, with the labels ‘Right label’ and ‘Left label’ which are just sample texts that need to be changed if you’re going to use this example on your website.

When you click on the checkboxes, cool tick icons appear. They indicate that the items have been selected. To unselect an item, the user just needs to click the item.

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Checkbox by Guilherme lazzetta

Bootstrap checkbox by lazzetta

This checkbox example has been developed by Guilherme lazzetta, a CodePen user. This pen is a simple example of a checkbox button designed with Bootstrap. So this is not a traditional checkbox. Rather, it’s a checkbox button, meaning this is a button and also a checkbox at the same time. This is a button that can be checked and unchecked just like a checkbox.

This is a beautiful checkbox button with a white background and a thin black border. When you hover over this button, the background color changes to light grey, and when you click on the button, it becomes checked and the background color changes to green. Now even if you move your mouse from the button, the background color which is green remains the same, indicating that the button is in a checked state now. To uncheck, simply click the button again.

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Bootstrap checkboxes by Kostya

Bootstrap checkbox by Kostya

This checkbox example developed by Kostya is a combination of a button and a checkbox. The button text is ‘Default Checkbox’ that needs to be changed to an appropriate item name if you want to use it on your website. The button’s background color is light grey. There’s a small rectangular area on the left side of the button with a white background and a very thin black border. The tick icon appears in this area when you click the button.

To unselect it, the user just has to click the button again and the tick icon will disappear. Instead of using traditional checkboxes, use these modern checkbox buttons on your site if you want to give your site visitors better user experience.

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Fancy Bootstrap checkboxes by Balaji

Bootstrap checkbox by Balaji

This checkbox example developed by Balaji gives you fancy Bootstrap checkboxes. These are checkbox buttons that are similar to the previous example.

This example demonstrates two groups of checkbox buttons with the headings ‘Standard Checkboxes’ and ‘Custom Icons Checkboxes’. Different colors have been used for different purposes. For instance, the green color in a checkbox indicates success.

In the first group of these checkboxes, a tick icon appears when an item is selected. In the second group, ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons are used. So when the user clicks on them, the ‘+’ icon will appear if the ‘-’ icon is there. And it will change to ‘+’ if you click on it again.

In some cases, the tick icon will be more appropriate while the ‘+’/’-’ icons will be more suitable in many cases. See which one looks very appropriate for the type of website user-interface you’re building.

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Checkboxes and radios form by inimist

Bootstrap checkbox by inimist

This example provides you with checkboxes and radio buttons designed by inimist, a CodePen user. The heading for the checkboxes is ‘Choose your favorite sports’. These checkboxes let the user select his/her favorite sports. The user can select multiple items.

When the user selects an item, a black, small tick icon appears in the checkbox.

The heading for the radio buttons is ‘Choose your gender’. As the heading suggests, these radio buttons let the user specify his/her gender. There are two options, which are ‘Male’ and ‘Female’. The user can select only one option, either male or female. He/she can’t select both.

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A pen by Marissa

Bootstrap checkbox by Marissa

This Bootstrap checkbox example demonstrates three checkboxes. By clicking on the labels or on the small squares, you can select/unselect an item. When you select an item, a green tick icon is shown in the checkbox.

This pen has been developed by Marissa. The checkboxes have been designed using Bootstrap. So they look amazing.

If you like the checkboxes in this example, you can use it on your website. But for that, you have to make some modifications. For example, you need to change or remove the heading. You also have to modify the checkbox labels.

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Simple checkbox by Lukas

Bootstrap checkbox by Lukas

This is an extremely simple Bootstrap checkbox button developed Lukas, a CodePen user. To make this checkbox, just a few lines of code have been written. This example shows how easy it is to create a modern checkbox using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap.

The background color of this checkbox button is yellow that has been used to represent a warning. The label of this checkbox is ‘Stuff’, which you should change to whatever is appropriate for the web app you’re making.

When you hover your mouse over the button, it becomes a little darker. This effect on mouseover is cool.

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Bootstrap checkbox by Atanas Atanasov

Bootstrap checkbox by Atanas

This example developed by Atanas Atanasov demonstrates several checkboxes. One of them is a traditional checkbox while the other ones are checkbox buttons. So when you click the traditional checkbox, a tick icon appears in it. It doesn’t have a label but you can add one.

The checkbox buttons have different labels that you should change if you want to use them on your site. When you hover your mouse over them, their background color changes to grey, and when they are in a checked state, the background color changes to grey also.

This example gives you two types of checkboxes – traditional and checkbox buttons. Use whatever looks good on your site.

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Checkbox and radio styling by Sergey Vodotyka

Bootstrap checkbox by Vodotyka

This example demonstrates several Bootstrap checkboxes and radio buttons. There are different kinds of checkboxes and radio buttons with different shapes and sizes. This example shows checkboxes with many colors. Each color is used for a particular purpose. For instance, the green color is for success. There are checkboxes without label texts and there are inline checkboxes also. This example also gives you circled checkboxes apart from the rectangular ones. It shows you disabled checkboxes that the user cannot check/uncheck.

And there are checkboxes of different sizes — small, medium, and large. This example has provided you with an array of checkboxes. Use whatever is the right fit for your web app.

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Bootstrap checkbox style by jimcode

Bootstrap checkbox by jimcode

This Bootstrap checkbox example has been made by a CodePen user with the username jimcode. In this example, there are two checkboxes with labels. When you select an item, the checkbox becomes orange. And when it’s in the unchecked state, it is grey.

This is a customizable example. So you can make the necessary changes according to your requirements and preferences. Take a closer look at this checkbox example by clicking the ‘Demo’ button and see if it will work for you. If you think it will be good for you, you can download it by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

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Checkbox control by Venkatesh

Bootstrap checkbox by Venkatesh

This is a great Bootstrap checkbox example made by Venkatesh. This pen demonstrates different types of checkboxes. There are checkboxes positioned vertically, with the labels ‘Option 1’, ‘Option 2’, and so on, and there are a few checkboxes positioned horizontally. These inline checkboxes also have the labels ‘Option 1’, ‘Option 2’, and so on. There are disabled checkboxes, also.

This is just a demo. So you need to modify it in order to use it on your website.

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Checkbox by Nev

Bootstrap checkbox by Nev

This is another Bootstrap checkbox example that shows a simple checkbox. See the code and experiment with a bit to learn how to create a checkbox using Bootstrap. Designing such checkboxes is easy. You don’t have to spend much time on creating and designing them. Bootstrap offers several kinds of checkboxes for different purposes. You can quickly design them with Bootstrap.

So if you require checkboxes for your website, create checkboxes using Bootstrap and your design work will become a lot easier.

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Bootstrap checkbox by Dale Nguyen

Bootstrap checkbox by Dale

The Bootstrap checkbox example by Dale Nguyen is an awesome example that demonstrates checkboxes of different styles. These styles have been achieved using Bootstrap. The first checkbox is a simple one. The second one is a yellow checkbox. The third one is blue. The next ones are sky blue, green, and red. Remember that different colors have been used for different purposes. For instance, the color red is for danger while the color green is for success.

There are also round checkboxes. So if you’re looking for such checkboxes, you can use them.

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Bootstrap checkbox by Sergey

Bootstrap checkbox by Sergey

This Bootstrap checkbox by Sergey is very unique. It comes with a cool circle that gets filled with light green when it’s checked. It uses a sample text but you can change it according to your needs, and can also have several checkboxes of this kind on a webpage of your website. So this type of checkboxes with appropriate labels will look really good.

Take a look at the source code. The code is very simple.

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Checkbox/radio customization by jadeli1720

Bootstrap checkbox by jadeli1720

This example by a CodePen user with the username jadeli1720 demonstrates very stylish checkboxes and radio buttons. These checkboxes and radio buttons are very, very different from the traditional checkboxes and radio buttons.

When you hover over a checkbox that is in an unchecked state, it becomes sky blue. And on checking them, they become red and a tick icon with the color sky blue appears. These checkboxes and radio buttons have label texts.

While you can select only one radio button from the group of radio buttons, you can select multiple items from the group of checkboxes.

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Bootstrap checkbox buttons by Yannick Spreen

Bootstrap checkbox by Yannick

This pen by Yannick Spreen gives you Bootstrap checkbox buttons. The button texts are ‘Option One’, ‘Option Two’, and ‘Option Three’. There are three checkboxes. When the user hovers the mouse over one of these buttons, the background color changes to light grey. The background color of a button that is in an unchecked state is white while the background color is blue when it’s in a checked state.

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This blog post listed the best free Bootstrap checkbox examples. In this post, I have given you many Bootstrap checkbox examples that are unique, different, modern, and cool. Try these stylish checkboxes, and your users will love them!

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