20 Bootstrap Parallax Examples to Improve Your User’s Experience

In whatever website that you can find on the internet, you will witness how they do not just depend on captivating content. The more is given emphasized on stunning and smooth user experience. This is also due to one reason for a great experience that most viewers approve of. Website visitors would like it more to stay and browse on a website that can give a good experience. They will also like to stay on the site for a long time. And that could equate to good business. As a website designer who intends to provide a charming appearance to your site, you should consider using a Bootstrap Parallax template. This is primarily because of the recent studies conducted by online marketers. It was then revealed that mostly all internet users like it scrolling through websites incorporating parallax scrolling effects.

It is just that several novice designers have no idea on how to make their presentations on the web appealing using Bootstrap Parallax. The good thing is that some are also expert in the field of website designing.

In considering the Parallax Scrolling Effect, it’s actually about incorporating web design technique. This is where images found in the background of the site moves down through the screen in such an attractive manner. That effect best enhances the experience of the site visitors. They are also further encouraged to go back and visit the website again.

If you are still new to using Bootstrap Parallax effect, below are some of the popular and best Bootstrap Parallax templates that a designer like you should be using.


bootstrap parallax

When you are in search of a multi-purpose and highly-responsive HTML5, Polo is a good way to go. This is certainly one of the best choices to ever think of as a website designer. This is also great to use by developers searching for horizontal Bootstrap admin templates.

With its right-to-left language support, the more that you would love to use it. It also comes with ultra-fast performance making it ideal to use. It also is fascinating as it comes with a highly-dedicated support community. These are among the reasons why many website developers are choosing this one over any other Bootstrap Parallax.

What more to be impressed about Polo is that it offers a collection of nineteen breathtaking header styles? Be amazed as well by the forty shortcodes, twelve fascinating hover effects, and an unlimited number of color schemes.

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bootstrap parallax

Looking for something that already is a multi-age and multi-purpose? No need to think any further than the Rhythm. This one gives out a stunning Parallax effect being a Rhythm template. This is even more popular due to its ability to capture the attention of the website visitors. The visitors are urged to stay in the site for a long-time period.

For those who choose the Rhythm horizontal Parallax scrolling template, this is what they need as it is filled with 175 HTML files. Better to find a way to check out more about the Parallax Scrolling.

In this theme is the availability of many header variant options. You can choose for the header variant that meets the requirements of your website. This also comes with more than forty portfolio pages and ten blog pages. The impressive features of this template include the revolution slider, powerful shortcodes, and isotope portfolio filtering.

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Parallax Scroll

bootstrap parallax

Start using this template, Parallax Scroll. It can just be so easy for you to put it in a WordPress based theme. The first step to ever focus on is the download of the codes from the repo. Make it sure that you review the needed scripts. These scripts are as follow: <script src= “js/jquery.min.1.11.1.js”<>script>; <script src=”js/bootstrap.min.”></script>; and script src=”js/main.js”></script>. The second step to follow will include changing the HTML as needed.

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bootstrap parallax

What is interesting about Magnum is that it is designed to be compatible with the Bootstrap framework? This is also great for being multi-purpose. Its smooth and captivating parallax effect makes it a better option. This will allow you to show your site to the site visitors.

Expect it further that this enables you to build multi-page and one-page templates at a fast pace. This is prior to the usage of horizontal parallax scrolling template. This is more likely to be approved by many developers and designers because it comes with almost four hundred icons, three stunning color scheme demo differences, and eight color variation options. The pricing section, header section, news section, CTA action, service action, and other pages contribute further to this template.

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bootstrap parallax

Simply emphasize the single-page portfolio of your website using the parallax effect. This is what you wish and this is as well granted for you. The Vossen can be on top of your lists. This is stunning as an HTML5 template boasting its huge collection of useful elements and excellent features. You will find this one handy throughout the web project. There is also a transparent and light menu bar found in the scrolling template.

Another impressive thing about the Vossen is that it comes with so many icons, five unique blog layouts, and three blog post styles. These can easily be found with the template to create flawless and highly professional websites.

There are so many more to expect from the Vossen like the parallax sections, CSS3 animations, and smooth animation effects. These will allow you to make your site look more stunning to site visitors.

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bootstrap parallax

One more brilliant Bootstrap Parallax template to rely on is the Patchwork. This one is really what you should consider when it comes to building a site. This comes readily available with thirty HTML element sections. There are eight that are ready to use as icon packs. These are available to those who are opting for this template.

When it comes to full-responsiveness, no other template could ever beat this one out. This is a horizontal Parallax scrolling template that you will like best. The pages will also make the website look even great on devices with various screen resolutions.

The fascinating thing about this template is that it is compatible when used with Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. There are also four unique countdown styles and 1500 icons to find in this template.

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bootstrap parallax

Such an incredible and flexible Parallax scrolling template, Wexim is one-of-a-kind. This is perfect to be used for creating websites. The theme is known for it being highly responsive. Website developers and designers like it more as it makes a business website look so excellent even more. This is especially true when viewed from the different types of devices. Site visitors would love to have a great user experience than ever. They will even be more encouraged to go back and visit the site.

One thing to notice about the template is the fifty templates that come with it. There are pre-built demos, multiple font style choices, and many more features that will impress you the most. You will also like this template as it is built based on the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap standards.

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bootstrap parallax

Ella is known for being highly-creative and stunning as a multipurpose and horizontal Parallax scrolling template. This is specifically built following the Bootstrap framework. Once you decide to make use of this template, it is more likely that you get the attention of the website visitors. The full-responsiveness and retina-readiness of the template make it more incomparable to others. These two elements can help improve the experience of users.

And with its 3 unique header styles included in it, you will be able to find the right style that meets your taste. The color skins are also pre-defined and are found to be at around eight. The excellent shortcodes, ease of customizability, and all other excellent features make it worth the template to consider.

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bootstrap parallax 119

For a Bootstrap Parallax that already has gained immense popularity, Nexa is a highly-responsive and single-age template. This comes with so many fascinating features and all other useful components. This is great due to its well-documentation, easy customizability, and clean code. You will, therefore, be impressed to the core.

Fall in love with this template that other website developers and designers love it, too. They are thrilled by the fact that this Parallax Scrolling template is compatible with the internet browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

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bootstrap parallax

Get the desired results you ever wanted from your website. Try to make use of Enigma that is an excellent horizontal Parallax Scrolling Template. This is by far one of the best choices for you to try out. This is fully-equipped with so many handy homepage demos. You will find them useful to website creation and customization.

The mere fact that it is highly-responsive makes it more ideal to use. This comes with clean code. Even the working contact form included in it makes it easy and simple for visitors to get in touch again. Countless icon fonts can be found in it. These make the theme free, flexible, and excellent. So, you better try this one out today.

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bootstrap parallax 10

Myway is just so great to use for personal portfolio, app, agency, landing, promo page, and many more. This is surprisingly loved by many for being a single and clean page. This is also brilliant in the sense that it serves its multi-purpose goals.

Moreover, this is fully-responsive as it is built following the Bootstrap framework. This mainly includes a mobile-first and responsive fluid grid system. This system can scale up to twelve columns while the viewport or device size increases.

With its ultra-sharp graphics, you’ll like it more as it looks beautiful on almost any device. The high-resolution images can appear to devices with the retina displays. This is impressive as well because of almost 2000+icons. This means to say that every icon looks so awesome at any size. They come in various unique icons, various large sets, and animations.

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bootstrap parallax 11

Vivid is known for using HTML5 canvas. What more to love it is that it is easy to replicate and easy to maintain. This is also due to so many new changes to be incorporated. The template is also fully-responsive in its design and is also perfect to look on almost any device.

The great features it offers include CSS3 and HTML5, Bootstrap, HTML 5 Canvas, four Layouts, twelve color variations, 1% responsive design, Google Fonts Support, Ajax Contact Form, Modern, and Clean Design, Video and Parallax Backgrounds, Clean Code, All files well-organized and commented, and cross-browser compatibility.

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bootstrap parallax 12

Such a responsive and professional one-page multi-purpose template, Birva comes fully enhanced with Parallax Scrolling Effect. This is specifically built following the updated Bootstrap framework. This is the theme that is suited for company, agency, portfolio and personal sites. Customize it easily as you want it. This is also well-documented to suit your specific needs.

The interesting features it offers include being fully-responsive, developer-friendly and clean CSS3 code and HTML5, three different layouts, Parallax Background Layout, YouTube Video Section Background Layout, On Scroll Effect, Statistics Counter and Pie Chart, Masonry Service Section, and many more.

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bootstrap parallax 13

Fuel your creativity with the use of BlackWhite. This one includes light and white layouts with so many CSS3/HTML5 and latest JQuery animations. This is the perfect template to ever use for creative agencies and web studios. This is even greater when used for a design studio, portfolios, finance, corporate business, photographers, insurance, digital marketing, landing age, company, marketing agencies, freelancer, lawyer, personal, and many more.

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bootstrap parallax 14

Modify in such a way that it meets your needs. That is what Fresh can do for you. This can also be adapted well for the specific needs of the user. You can change the styles, size, font family, and all other essential elements.

The template features include fully responsive, clean and simple design, browser compatibility, five color variations, tablet and mobile-optimized, Google Fonts, beautiful line icons, portfolio filter, and so much more. It is up to you to discover it more to use it more.

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bootstrap parallax 145

Reason is a stylish and unique Parallax theme that is built following a responsive layout. This also specifically uses Bootstrap 2.2. This is also aimed at providing quick solutions for even an ordinary user like you. You can best create a modern and Parallax styled website having a unique design. The good thing is that the layout can easily be edited as you want it to.

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bootstrap parallax 16

When looking for other choices of Bootstrap Parallax, Colors is the best way to go. This one is flatly-designed as a website template. This is also great to use for agency and portfolio websites, creative businesses, and many more. The good thing about this one is that it has its non-responsive and responsive version. This is something that waits for you to discover today.

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CSS Only Parallax

bootstrap parallax 20 1

This can be one of your best choices of Bootstrap Parallax. This utilizes CSS only. You need to consider in mind that this requires .NMP, too.  Now, you could do it just as the process can be so easy on your part.

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bootstrap parallax 17

In regard to responsiveness and power, Illusion is incomparable when it comes to these factors. This is built following Bootstrap 4 sass Parallax HTML5 Template. That is why this is more suitable to use for corporate, business, agency, blog, non-profit, Parallax, media agency, general business or freelancer. Four home pages t can be easy and ready to use. The pages it has included the single image banner, video banner, colorful banner, and banner slide. The code and files are also well-organized and also nicely commented. There is also proper documentation that enables ease of customization.

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bootstrap parallax 18

Strand is introduced as a multi-purpose and single page Parallax template. Discover how this one can be beneficial for creative professionals, studios, general businesses, and personal portfolios. The layout can be built following Bootstrap. This is also even more fully-responsive to use. You may experiment on the Strand using your color schemes. This also comes in two different ways that can showcase your featured works or portfolio.

Both the Bootstrap and Parallax are awesome to use. They easily create an effect wherein the background content can move at a fast speed than the foreground content. This is also as an individual scroll down the page.

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It is undeniably true that Parallax and Bootstrap add new dimensions to the stories being told with a single text. If you want to achieve such a unique effect, consider one from the many Bootstrap Parallax choices above!

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