A Showcase of 28 Beautiful Invitation Card Mockups

Cards are one of the most important parts of special occasions. Be it a birthday, wedding or any other special event, invitation cards can evoke the personalized emotion of every occasion in a perfect way. Though in this digital age when communications can be incredibly handy across every event, traditionally printed invitation cards still have their value among people. They are stylish, elegant and make an event feel more exclusive immediately. Especially the personalized invitation cards can make the invitees feel really special.

So, do you want to design customized invitation cards? Then use mockups to do things easily. Here are the top 20 beautiful invitation card mockups that you can use to design cards, posters, postcards and more.

Mockup of an Invitation Card and a Cactus

mockup of an invitation card and a cactus
Once you have the design for an invitation card all set, use a mockup to test its life-like version. Not only can you see how the physical version of it will look, but you can also use the presentation for any type of web promotion. Also, surprise your client with the photorealistic demonstration, and they will not need to use visualization to picture the real-life version of it. This stunning invitation card mockup approaches the presentation with a minimalistic setting. It features a white table, a sofa and a cactus. You always win the game with simplicity, delivering all the shine on your design first and foremost.

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Back and Front View Mockup of Two Invitation Cards

back and front view mockup of two invitation cards
This invitation card mockup features two cards, which you can use for presenting the front and the back design or two entirely different arts. By the way, you can also slide in the inside design, but you can keep it blank, too. Moreover, change the color of the cards and the background, add a text overlay and append a catchy graphic. As for the latter, you can use one from the archives or even upload a custom one. Other than a predefined design, you do not really need much, heck, you do not even need to be a designer, and you will still create a top-notch outcome.

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Mockup of a Woman Reading an A5 Invitation Card

mockup of a woman reading an a5 invitation card
You can always spice things up with a photorealistic presentation by using an invitation card mockup that features a human element. In this case, the template includes a tattooed woman reading an A5 invitation card. One click sets you apart from enriching the mockup with your marvelous creation and call it a day. That’s right, once you are on Placeit, hit the upload image button, pick the design and you are done doing the work. You have an option to fill the entire 700 x 1000 px space or even add a smaller one and change the color of the card – the choice is yours.

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Mockup of Two Invitation Cards

mockup of two invitation cards
To create a nifty presentation of your invitation card design, all you need is a solid mockup and that’s it. Luckily, we have a ton ready for you to take to your total advantage. This template features two cards, one on top of the other. That said, it offers you to add not one but three different designs, two on the front and one on the inside. Also, you can change the color of each card, as well as the background. Make the mockup follow required branding regulations to the very last detail and demonstrate your ideas in the best possible way. The process is a breeze!

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Floating Invitation Card Mockup

floating invitation card mockup
A simple, clean and sophisticated invitation card mockup with two editable areas, as well as an option to change the color of the paper and the background. While many templates focus on the cover page, this one is all about the inside content. You can upload two images, for the left and the right page, and let the template emphasize them originally. When on Placeit, you will immediately notice how effortless working with a mockup actually is. Just a few clicks and you are done doing the work. On top of that, you can also append extra text overlay if there is a need.

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Invitation Card Mockup Featuring a Long-Haired Woman

invitation card mockup featuring a long-haired woman
A cool and very photo-realistic invitation card mockup featuring a young woman pointing at the card. Insert a 1000 x 700 px design to the card and you are done doing the work. Have in mind, if your design is of a different dimension, you can still use it as Placeit allows you to reposition and crop it. What’s cool, you do not need to use a photo editing software. Thanks to Placeit, you edit and improve the mockup template in-browser. Additionally, you can change the color of the paper and add a message or call-to-action via the “add text” function.

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Invitation Card with Envelope Mockup

invitation card with envelope mockup
Normally, you would want to send out an invitation card in an envelope. All the other times, you can deliver them personally. Anyhow, if you are searching for an invitation card mockup with an envelope, you hunt ends here. A simple and impactful solution to present your nifty design ideas which will turn heads. Along with sliding in your content, you can also change the color of the card, the envelope and the background. Make it pop with vibrant colorway or keep it classy and professional, either way, you win the day with a striking presentation. Take action now and have the end product ready to roll speedily.

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Mockup of a Christmas Invitation Card

mockup of a christmas invitation card
For when the Christmas vibes are already on full-whack, you want to keep the presentation of your invitation card following the same flow. This could not be a better template to demonstrate the invitation card design idea you have to your clients or even on social media. It features all these charming Christmas decorations, as well as a red envelope and a fully editable card. With the upload function, you import the image in just a click. For your information, the dimension of the card is 1190 x 850 px. Lastly, alter the color of the paper if necessary and even add text. Quick work for a first-class result.

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Invitation & Greeting Card Mockups

invitation and greeting card mockups

This invitation mockup is useful for designing both invitation cards and greeting cards. This completely customizable mockup is available in high resolution. It includes 7 different PSD files, each is Photoshop-compatible, easily editable and shows different angles of beautiful cards. You can modify the template according to your requirements. Use different graphics, innovative words, and fonts to make an extraordinary party invitation or greeting card. And your final design presentation will surely stun your clients.

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Invitation Card Mockup

colorful invitation card mockup

Are you looking for a photorealistic invitation card mockup that has a clean and professionally crafted design? Then opt for this invitation card mockup. The smart layers make the mockup really easy-to-customize. If you desire to make your invitation card unique then you can do so easily. You can print the cards on the handmade paper instead of a normal paper. Also, you can put some sequins or glitter on the envelope before sending the card. These are just a few ideas, which you can utilize to personalize the invitations. In other words, using this readymade invitation card mockup gives you the opportunity to become creative and helps you save both time and money.

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Square Shaped Invitation & Greeting Card Mockup

square invitation and greeting card mockup

Create a realistic presentation of the invitation and greeting cards easily. Use this high-resolution mockup to make your presentation simply impressive. This mockup is actually a pack of 6 PSD files. The simple layout and easy-to-edit features have made this mockup simply hard to ignore. Depending on the theme of your event, you get to choose from various design options. For instance, you are planning to design a card for a birthday event. Though here in this displayed image you can see the card shows a baby shower card, you can use this mockup to design your birthday card easily. You can choose any design and place the needed text to create a card. Or you can edit the whole thing and replace the current look with your own creative artwork. 

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Close-up Invitation Card Mockups

close view invitation card mockup

This invitation card mockup set displays a close look to a simple yet colorful invitation card design. Its detailed design, simple layout, and photorealistic appearance have made this an ideal option to rely on. Editing this mockup is quite easy. You just need to drag and drop your artwork and replace with the existing design. In just a few clicks your final presentation would be ready. Before printing a card, you can easily have a look at how your design would look on the card. Be it a personal or professional purpose, you should pick this mockup to make your presentation look impressive. 

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Square Invitation / Greeting Card Mockup

invitation greeting card mockup

Invitation cards and greeting cards are one of the important elements used as marketing tools and help achieve business promotion goal. With invitation cards and greeting cards, your company can strengthen relationships within the organization and between individual. With this square invitation card mockup, you can design both invitation and greeting cards. It displays different designs of cards. You can pick any and place your company logo and brand name along with some text to make it attractive. Also, if you have a design idea in your mind, you can change the entire look and create a whole new customized invitation or greeting card. For more information, you can go through the instruction file, available in PDF format, that comes with this mockup.

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Wedding Invitation Mockup Bundle

weddin invitation mockup scene

The invitation to any special occasion, especially a wedding, should convey the theme of the event to come. This wedding invitation mockup bundle helps you design such a pleasant wedding invitation card. With this mockup set, you can showcase your wedding invitation card designs within a very short amount of time. It features both card and envelope designs to help you make a complete presentation made from actual photographed objects this mockup set has a stylish and realistic appearance. So whether you want to design a card for personal purpose and make your guests feel special or you have any commercial purpose of designing a wedding invitation card to leave a lasting impact on your clients, this mockup can meet your both types of needs perfectly.

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Invitation Card Mockup V2

photorealistic wedding invitation card mockup

Sending greeting cards or invitation cards can be a starting point to strengthen relationships within your organization and outside, and eventually make people initiate to communicate with each other. When you have a personalized touch to it, creating a brand image becomes easier. Use this invitation card mockup to design such a personalized invitation card for your business. You can have a preview of how your design would look on an invitation card. This will help you save time and money and make better decisions. So, what are you waiting for? Get this easy-to-customize professionally designed invitation card mockup set today!

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Invitation Card & Postcard Mockup

photorealistic postcard and invitation card mockup

This is a pack of 6 invitation card and postcard mockups that you can use for various purposes. You can showcase wedding invitations, greeting cards, sketches, for logos, and other creativities with utter perfection. No matter what the theme of your upcoming event is, with this mockup set you can design a beautiful card that will surely evoke the theme of your event. And when you invite your employees, colleagues or business partners with personalized cards, it helps in creating a strong relationship and brand value. 

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Photorealistic Invitation Card Mockup V2

4 by 6 inches invitation card mockup

This photorealistic invitation card mockup displays beautiful invitation card design from different angles. It includes 6 fully layered PSD files. You can edit these high-resolution PSD files via smart objects. Other than editing the card design, you can also modify the background appearance as per your choice. No matter whether you want to design a card for personal or commercial purpose, this mockup is the perfect choice for you to do things effortlessly.

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Invitation Card with Envelope Mockup

invitation card with envelope mockup

This is a highly detailed mockup, ideal for those who want to design beautiful envelope cards along with envelopes. This mockup allows designers to showcase their artwork with ease and in style. You can showcase your design presentation in an isometric way just like the photo here. In this mockup, you can edit, move or remove every element via smart objects. It will take just a few moments to place your design on it. Then hit save and your job is done. 

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Invitation Card with RSVP Mockup

tied invitation card rsvp mockup

When an invitation card is marked with RSVP, the invitees should respond to this by confirming attendance or declining. If you are planning to design a customized invitation with RSVP, use this mockup to do things easily. It is a Comprehensive mockup for your invitation and RSVP with elegant ribbon and decorations. Put your prints with just two clicks, choose a background and play with decorations. You will get an immediate effect and a flawless presentation.

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Elegant Invitation Card Mockup

editable invitation card mockup

Another invitation card mockup is available here. In this displayed image you get the reflection of simplicity and elegance. It is a one-page invitation card that you can use for any event or special occasion. You can easily customize the whole thing via smart objects. Just drag and drop your design, replace with the current design, hit save and the work is done. As the final result, you will get a fantastic presentation of the invitation card of your choice.

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Postcard / Invitation Mockup Set

postcard invitation muckups

You can use this postcard mockup for designing invitation cards as well. It displays a postcard design. On the top side of the card, you can place any images and add text. And the backside of the card, yo get the format of just like a postcard. So there you can include important texts. It includes 11 PSD files, each having high resolution. Also, there are 11 different background options available. You can edit all and create your desired presentation. 

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Simple Invitation / Greeting Card Mockup

preview invitation greeting card mockups

Do you want to have a realistic presentation of your design work? Then this mockup is the perfect option for you. This simple yet professionally crafted mockup can be useful for designing both invitation cards and greeting cards. With this mockup, your presentation can have a 3D display and detailed design. You can edit the template using smart objects in Photoshop. So, what has kept you waiting? Get this mockup and design an invitation card which is so special that it will make your guests ready for the event to arrive.

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Wedding Event Invitation Card Mockups

a5 wedding invitation card mockup

Invitations are one of the most important parts of planning a wedding because they set the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day. Also, they help the guests prepare for your event. Giving focus to the design and overall look of a wedding invitation card is really important so that it can grab the place of your guests’ heart instead of a trash can. Your invitation should be designed in such a way so that your guests can feel that there are a lot of thoughts and effort are spent designing it. So, do you want to design such an invitation card for a wedding? Then use this set of wedding invitation card mockups. It displays a bifold card design along with additional objects. You can find here 10 high-resolution presentations in 10 PSD files. Also, there are 4 Table Textures & 2 Backgrounds options available. Get this mockup set today and enjoy customizing!

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Invitation & Greeting Card Mockup V2

beautiful invitation greeting card mockup template

Another pretty looking greeting card design is available here in this mockup that you can use for designing invitation cards as well. It includes 7 PSD files, showing 7 different views of the cards. You can also find here 8 different backgrounds. Via smart-object feature, you can customize the card along with the background. Within just a few clicks you can have the presentation which will look exactly the way you have ever dreamt of. If you want to design an invitation card that can make your guests envision your event through that card, use this mockup and play with your creativity. Insert the design that can set the theme of your event in the best possible way.

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Party Invitation Card Mockup

birthday party invitation mockup

Are you hosting a party and looking for the best possible way to invite people? Design a wonderful invitation card, add your personal creative touch and make it special. This party invitation card mockup can help you do that in a hassle-free way. With this mockup, you can have a soft copy of an invitation card that will give you a preview of how your design would look like on the card. So, before printing the final product you can make countless changes and choose the best one. Also, you can skip printing and post it across your social media platforms. Let your creativity do the talking for you and keep you stand ahead of the crowd.

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Invitation Mockups Collection

invitation mockups collection

This is a collection of invitation mockups that you can use for designing invitation cards, their envelopes and RSVP cards. All the mockups in this collection are quite simple to use. It includes 3 different envelope designs, horizontal and vertical invitation card designs, 7 different background textures and various decorative elements. The best thing is that you can mix and match different elements together and create a photorealistic stunning presentation of your artwork. So, if you have a creative design idea in your mind, then get the maximum exposure for that with this mockup set. Now impressing your clients or leaving a strong impact on your followers is just a click away.

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Colorful Party Invitation Mockup

bright and colorful birthday invitation mockup

One of the best things about invitations is how they convey the overall tone of any party or event. If you are thinking of creating a customized party invitation card, you must keep the tone of your event in your mind. Invitations present you with a chance to get creative. So why don’t you play with your creativity in designing your next invitation card! It will not only be fun to look at but also give your guests a sign of what to expect, while adding a touch of excitement to it. This colorful party invitation mockup allows you to design such a perfect card in a breeze. This high-resolution PSD mockup displays various items. You can choose what to be visible in your chosen card. The mockup is really easy to edit and gives a photorealistic result. 

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Birthday Invitation Mockup

birthday party invitation mockup set

Are you throwing a birthday party for somebody? Then hope you are all set to the theme of the party, the food to be served in the party and the number of guests to invite. So, now you need to focus on invitation cards. Design a customized invitation card to make your event to be memorable for your guests. This birthday invitation mockup can help you do that in no time. This mockup file includes natural lighting, realistic effects, smart objects for quick editing, and instructions guide. You can easily design an attractive birthday card and stand ahead of the crowd. This mockup is equally useful for both personal and commercial purposes. If you have an online store or catalog section in social media, you can showcase your design work there with the help of this wonderful mockup.

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Wrapping it up,

Using mockups allows you to visualize your designs, helps you understand your designed object’s functionalities in a real-world setting and above all improves professionalism. With well-organized mockups, you can help your clients have a realistic view of your designs. And seeing your designs in action is an easier sell than asking your clients to imagine what you can do. Therefore you should use mockups to design invitation cards. All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for any of your next invitation design project. Just choose the right one that suits best to your needs and enjoy customizing.

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