AMAX Review: An Impressive Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

AMAX is a recently released multi-purpose WordPress theme. While this is one of the most popular genres of theme available today, AMAX aims to separate itself from the completion by providing some of the best quality page designs on the market.

That’s not all AMAX has going for it though. Thanks to the experience of the developers behind this project, the theme offers just the right mix of ease of use and flexibility. AMAX is also packed with plenty of features, which we will evaluate and cover in more detail in this review.

So if you are looking for a true multi-purpose theme for your next website project, then the AMAX WordPress theme could be just what you need. To find out if this is the theme for you, read on for our full AMAX review.

AMAX WordPress Theme Review

AMAX Theme Review: The Features

In order to be considered a true multi-purpose WordPress theme, a product must be ready for any eventually and highly adaptable for all uses. As you will see from the selection of features on offer, AMAX certainly lives up to this requirement and then some.

With a combination of easily importable demo content, multiple page layout options and pre-built page templates, not to mention a good selection of premium tools included in the package, with AMAX you should have no trouble building almost any type of website.

One-Click Demo Content Import

While an impressive demo version of a theme might inspire you to make a purchase, if you can’t recreate something similar for your own project, it’s going to be a disappointing experience. However, thanks to the one-click demo content import system of AMAX, getting your website up and running has been made as straightforward as possible.

By using the content import tool, you can either import the demo content without media files, or with them included. Whichever option you choose, the demo settings will also be applied to your site, ensuring it not only looks the same as the demo version, but also works in the same way.

After experimenting with the AMAX demo content import tool, I’m pleased to report that it worked very well. In just a few clicks, I had a working version of the demo site replicated to my local WordPress installation.

Detailed Theme Customization Options

AMAX Theme Options

To help you get your website looking the way that you want, AMAX includes a detailed set of theme customization options. These options cover everything from setting a favicon for your site, through to customizing the menu layout and positions, and much more.

The options also give you the ability to easily insert custom code blocks for use on your site. This removes the need to go and edit the theme files themselves, and instead gives you a safer way to make those underlying changes.

While the theme options panel is pretty vast, this is to be expected with a true WordPress multi-purpose theme such as AMAX. As almost every aspect of the theme can be modified to help you build any type of website, it should go without saying that the interface for making those changes is a little bit overwhelming at first. However, once you get familiar with the settings on offer, the theme options panel shouldn’t pose any problems.

A Premium Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder

AMAX Visual Composer

In order to deliver the impressive page layouts and pre-built templates that you get access to when choosing the AMAX theme, the developers turned to the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder tool.

This means that not only do you get a whole host of page layouts to choose from when using this theme, but they can all be easily edited to meet your needs. This editing takes place through the Visual Composer plugin interface. This gives you an easy way to make changes to those designs, without the need to even glance at any of the underlying code.

Furthermore, as the full version of this plugin is included in the theme package, you are free to use it to build your own custom page layouts, again without editing any code. Considering Visual Composer costs $33 on its own, purchasing AMAX could end up saving you money.

As Visual Composer is a tried and tested page builder tool, that is constantly being refined and upgraded, it’s pretty simple to pick up and start working with. It’s a tool that most users should find it relatively easy to use once they get accustomed to it.

Create Animated Slide Shows and Content Sliders

AMAX Slider

Both LayerSlider and Slider Revolution, the two best-selling slider plugins for WordPress, are included in the package. This gives you the ability to create some breathtaking animated slideshows for your content, without the need to write any code yourself.

These sliders are both packed with pre-built templates and animation effects, which can help you add some much needed movement to your website’s home page and its inner pages. Furthermore, as they are both premium plugins, you save a combined cost of over $30 thanks to their inclusion.

The only downsides of these two tools is that as they are so powerful and can be used to create pretty much any type of slideshow or slider, their user interfaces can take a little getting used to. However, if you are willing to invest some time in getting to grips with them, there really are no limits on what you can achieve.

Multiple Header and Page Title Layouts

AMAX Header 01

To really make your website your own, and avoid it looking like a standard WordPress website, AMAX lets you choose from a selection of header options and post and page title layouts.

AMAX Header 02

The header options can be selected from the theme option control panel, or through the front end WordPress Customizer tool. Once you make a selection, it is set globally for your website. With three layouts to choose from, each with their own positioning and alignment of the header content, you can quickly change the look and feel of your site in just a few clicks.

AMAX Header Options

Furthermore, on the individual post and page editor screens, you can customize the appearance of the header for each piece of content that you publish. This covers the background settings, such as the color or image, as well as the header logo and menu color. Making use of this feature can really help the individual posts and pages on your website stand out with a custom look.

AMAX Header Settings

Through the theme options you can also set a global page title style for your content, with the ability to override it on the individual settings for each page. Through the options you can choose to use the theme default settings, choose a custom background color, display a custom background image, apply a parallax effect, or hide the title area altogether.

AMAX Page Titles

Again, this helps you to get your website looking exactly how you want, while also giving your individual pieces of content a custom design. Thanks to the theme options control panel and support for the WordPress Customizer, making changes to the layouts of your website is very easy.

Make Changes with the WordPress Live Customizer

As is now the trend with modern WordPress themes, AMAX includes a decent level of support for the WordPress Customizer tool. This core feature of WordPress gives you a live, front end preview of your website as you make appearance-based changes to it.

AMAX WordPress Customizer

Through the WordPress Customizer tool, you can modify a pretty good selection of aspects of your website. This includes: layout options, background settings, header and footer layouts, and color choices. While many themes do now include support for the customizer, AMAX does let you change a fairly good portion of your site through it, with the rest of the work taking place through their custom theme options control panel on the back end.

While it would be nice to see things like font customization added to the Customizer controls, the overall selection of options is pretty good.

Multiple Page Templates and Layouts

If you do decide to import the demo content of this theme, then you will get access to a good selection of pre-built pages for use on your website.

AMAX About

This covers all the most common pages you would typically find on a website, including about, blog, contact, home, portfolio, and service pages.

AMAX Portfolio

Most of these pages come in a range of variations, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

AMAX Services

Many of these pre-built pages have been built using the included Visual Composer page builder plugin. This means that they can easily be modified to more precisely meet your needs – without the need to edit any code.

AMAX Gallery

Whatever type of website you are building, there should be a good selection of page template to suit your project included in the package.

AMAX Page Templates

As well as using the pre-built pages, you can also choose from the included templates when creating a new page. These templates make it very easy to create a new page that does not feature a header or footer for example, or one of the other layout options.

Overall the quality and selection of pre-built pages on offer is of a very high level and should be ready for use on most projects – once you’ve added your own custom content.

Fast Loading Times

Despite being packed with features and the ability to build some imaginative websites, complete with custom layouts and page elements, AMAX doesn’t offer up slow loading times. In fact, the developers of this theme have recorded Google Speed Test scores of 9/10 and many of their customers have reportedly mentioned that this theme has helped them build blazingly fast websites.  Certainly when testing this theme I didn’t experience any notable slow down when loading large pages.

Other Features of the AMAX Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, AMAX contains even more useful features to help your website become a success. These include full retina support for all the latest high end displays, covering tablets, laptops, and desktop screens. You will also find Google Fonts integration for a choice of over 600 typefaces

AMAX Testimonials

Perhaps one of the most useful features of AMAX are the pre-built page elements which can be inserted into your content. Amongst the selection on offer, you will find a range of separators:

AMAX Separators

Plenty of tabbed layouts to choose from to make your content easier to organize:


A good selection of content boxes to smarten up your content:

AMAX Boxes

A number of attractive and professional looking pricing tables to either enhance your reviews or better sell your products and services:

AMAX Pricing Table

Other elements that can be instantly inserted into your website content includes: team profiles, charts and graphs, progress bars, call to actions, icon boxes, buttons, custom text elements, and much more.

AMAX Author Information

In today’s age of fly by night theme developers and cowboy coders, the author of the theme you are interested in purchasing can be just as, if not more important, than the appearance and features of the product.

Attributes to look for in an author when selecting a theme include longevity, experience, previous products, and user ratings.

Thankfully, AMAX has been created by a WordPress developer with over 4 years’ experience of releasing and supporting products on the popular ThemeForest marketplace. With over $250,000 worth of sales in 4 years and Elite Author status, Olevmedia is a theme developer you can trust.

AMAX Pricing Information

AMAX is available from the ThemeForest marketplace for just $48.  This includes use on one site, as well as all the premium plugins listed above.

AMAX Review: Final Thoughts

After taking AMAX for a test drive, I’m pleased to report that this is an impressive theme that lives up to its marketing materials. If you are looking for an affordable multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used to quickly build almost any type of website, then this one should definitely be on your short list.

If you check out the demo version and like what you see in terms of design and appearance, then you can choose this theme safe in the knowledge that you should have no trouble importing the content to recreate the demo version. Then it’s simply a case of using the theme options control panel, the WordPress Customizer, and the included Visual Composer page builder plugin to make that foundation your own and build the website you’ve always wanted.

If you are looking for a versatile and easily adaptable modern WordPress theme that lends itself well to any project, AMAX could be just what you are looking for.
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