Claue – Clean, Minimal WooCommerce Themes v2.1.2

Claue – Responsive Fashion, Portfolio, Blog & WooCommerce Theme
Claue is packed with features Premium WooCommerce theme for WP with modern design, minimal impression, supplied with powerful plugins for creating universal online stores

WooCommerce Powerhouse
Claue is everything you have searched for in WooCommerce.

After many months of design and development summarizing every detail of what a modern online retailer needs, Claue is ready to take your online empire to the next level.

With the clever integration of social networks like Instagram, to generate traffic and clickable links, to an incredibly seamless responsive design for all of today’s modern devices, and much more, we know you’ll love Claue.

React to the design and ready for the retina
Responsive design and development simply means that no matter what device your website is displayed on, it will scale to meet the parameters and dimensions of that device, without any disruption to users and without additional requirements from you or your developer.

10 wonderful examples
Claue comes with ten purpose-built, fully functional examples of modern design – all ready for your content and publishing with a few simple clicks. With lightning-fast one-click import, just select the demo you like best and then add your own content.

Powerful panel with theme options
The integrated Theme Options panel in the WordPress backend removes the layer of complexity, making it easier and more easy to access many more features and advanced features.

For example, the included plugin for creating Drag & Drop pages, Visual Composer and the Mailchimp and Instagram Shop plugins. So you can access all of these features in one kahuna king hub and make all the adjustments, changes, and updates you like – without touching a line of code.

Incredible aggregate value
Speaking of Plugin Power, take a look … you’ll save more than $ 50 on a single purchase, yet get all those other benefits in one!

  • Visual composer
  • Product package
  • WooCommerce variation swatches
  • Look at the book

And many others!
Not only extended functionality, but guaranteed compatibility without a headache.

Product package
By adding product packages, you will create an impressive sales experience for your customers. Combine 2, 3 or more products together and offer greater discounts on bundled purchases that give customers what they really want – creating a sticky user experience that shoppers will return to again and again.

Lookbook collections
Lookbook is a handy way to showcase fashion – perfect for announcing a new series or collection – it’s like a combination catalog and a magazine in one. An informative piece of items, as well as a shop window and a selling point for your best clothing.

Instagram shop
Everyone recognizes Instagram as a place to look for new fashion icons or exciting new trends. Which is a great reason to bookmark your site with a dedicated page powered by your Instagram feed. You take pictures and publish them on Instagram and they are automatically updated on your website. A great way to increase links to your site and add a modern element, as well as improve your social sharing, likes and views.

Flexibility of mega color swatches
With Claue you get added flexibility and a creative license to display much nicer variants of variable products. You can choose to provide a variety of color options so that users can change the colors of all the variable products you sell.

Offer one image in a gallery, one swatch, an image swatch, or even a gallery swatch and provide your customers with the perfect list of products. All this is integrated to expand the functionality and save your valuable time and money.

Product detail layout
Are you frustrated by the standard layout of product details in WooCommerce? We also! That’s why, in the next step, we’ve provided a really neat range of options when it comes to viewing product detail layouts.

This gives you even more flexibility in displaying your products by allowing you to display thumbnails left or right at the bottom of each listing, or use our “Sticky” feature so that the product detail stays exactly where it is when you scroll.

Powerful Ajax retail filters
Ajax-based filters provide a truly seamless environment for the user, as you don’t have to refresh or reload the page to change search parameters. Search parameters behave more organically and allow customers to change several types of filters with a few clicks and then apply the filter. Products update continuously without a full page refresh.

Theme functions