Deep WordPress Theme Review – Stunning Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Deep is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating almost any type of website. In fact, with so many different website demos available, it’s hard to think of a type of project this theme wouldn’t be suitable for. So if you’re looking for a theme for a new website or you want to give your existing site a refresh, this Deep WordPress theme review will help you decide if this is the best tool for the job.

In this Deep WordPress theme review, we’ll check out the best website demos to demonstrate what type of site you can build with this theme. We’ll also explore the most useful features of this multi-purpose theme to give you a good idea of what Deep is capable of.

By the end of our hands-on Deep WordPress theme review, you’ll have all the information needed to make an informed decision on whether this is the right theme for you, or if you should keep looking for a suitable option.

Let’s begin.

Deep WordPress Theme Features

deep theme image11

As mentioned, Deep is a multi-purpose theme, so let’s start by looking at the some of those demos before moving on to the other features.

Multiple WordPress Website Demos

As the Deep WordPress theme is a true multi-purpose product, it’s packed with website demos. These demos don’t just look great, but they cover a varied range of projects. From blogs and magazine websites to ecommerce stores and business sites, whatever type of project you’re working on, there should be a suitable demo.

Furthermore, this theme is highly customizable so you can easily modify the demos to work for other projects. We’ll cover the customization features later in this Deep WordPress theme review, but for now, let’s check out the best demos.

Corporate Website Demo

If you need to create a corporate website with WordPress, this Deep theme demo is for you. The homepage design features a large full-screen slider as its central point of focus. This slideshow gives you a great opportunity to catch the attention of your visitors when they arrive at your site.

deep theme image2

The rest of the corporate demo homepage layout includes useful elements, such as testimonials, portfolio content, and client logos. However, you can easily adjust the layout and its content with the Deep theme customization tools. Other sections of the flexible homepage layout include a Google Map to share your location, an email sign up form, and the latest posts from your blog. The corporate website demo is packed with all the pages and templates your site should need.

Crypto Website Demo

This niche website demo is ideal for creating crypto related websites with WordPress. Whether you’re promoting the latest ICO or simply sharing news from the world of cryptocurrency, this demo will help you launch a suitable website. As well as the stylish design of this demo, you also get access to an interactive cryptocurrency calculator, an exchange rate ticker, and lots of other elements that can help make your website look more credible.

deep theme image14

Like the other Deep theme demos, this option is fully customizable, mobile friendly, and packed with templates for the other pages of your website.

Events Website Demo

As the Deep theme was built to integrate seamlessly with the Modern Event Calendar plugin, it makes sense that there’s a fully featured events website demo in the package. To help you promote your event, this demo features a countdown timer as its main feature on the homepage. However, you can easily adjust the layout to rearrange things or add your own choice of elements to the layout.

deep theme image12

As well as the timer, the default homepage layout of the events demo includes lots of section for displaying key information about your event. Some examples are the speaker profiles, the schedule timeline of the event, and a section for displaying sponsor logos.

BuddyPress Website Demo

If you want to create an online community or even your own social network, BuddyPress is the ideal tool. By installing this demo alongside the BuddyPress plugin, your website will not only have lots of useful social networking features, but also a stylish design.

deep theme image4

If you’re looking for a modern and highly customizable BuddyPress WordPress theme, this demo is a great choice.

Portfolio Website Demo

The Deep WordPress theme has lots of facilities for creating an online portfolio website. This demo is just one example of how this theme can help you launch your portfolio and share your work.

deep theme image10

It doesn’t matter what type of content you want to include in your portfolio with this demo. Videos, images, and other types of content are all supported. Your visitors should have no trouble browsing your content, thanks to the search tool and filters.

Freelancer Website Demo

An online portfolio website can be a great way to find work or clients. However, if your main focus is growing your freelance business then this demo is a great tool.

deep theme image13

The homepage design of this demo has lots of sections to help you promote your services and demonstrate your abilities. If you want to add a blog to your freelancer website, it’s not a problem with this demo and its blog templates.

The above examples are just a few of the demos you can import into your website with Deep. To view the full selection, visit the demos section of the Deep homepage.

Easy Setup Process

Dashboard Welcome

The demos can also be previewed from inside your WordPress Dashboard too. This is useful as it gives you a quick way to check out all of the available demo options. Once you’ve chosen a demo, you can import it into your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

Demo Import

As part of the import process, any plugins that are required by the demo are activated on your website. You also have the option of choosing which of the page builders are associated with the demo content. We’ll cover the page builder options in more detail later on in this Deep WordPress theme review, but to give you a quick overview, there are three powerful third-party page builder plugins included in the Deep theme package.

You can also choose which aspects of the demo are imported. This includes the posts, pages, widgets, theme options, and more. While the demo import is running, a progress bar is displayed to keep you updated. If everything goes according to plan, your website will be transformed into your chosen demo in just a few minutes.

Imported Demo Example

You can then start replacing the demo content with your own, as well as customizing your website in other ways. But before we get to the customization options, let’s explore the other pre-built content-related features of the Deep theme.

Library of Section Templates

With over 160 section templates to work with, creating your custom layouts is easy with the Deep theme. The different sections can be imported into your page designs in just a few clicks. They can be mixed and matched to help you assemble the right type of content for your site. After that, you can use the page builders to personalize the section templates even further. If there isn’t a pre-built page template that’s perfect for your project, you should have no problem creating your own, thanks to this large collection of flexible sections.

Full Set of Blog and Magazine Templates

As well as the purpose-built blog and magazine website demos mentioned earlier in this Deep WordPress theme review, you also have access to a good amount of standalone templates for publishing content on your website. So whether you want to add a blog to your website or you just want access to a selection of templates for publishing articles online, the Deep theme has everything you should need. Furthermore, as almost everything about this theme is fully customizable, it’s easy to personalize the templates should you need to.

Online Portfolio Publishing Capabilities

Although you can use this theme to create an online portfolio website with WordPress, you can also use it to add a portfolio section to your site. As well as the portfolio website demo, there’s a full set of portfolio templates that the other demos can access. Among the options are 9 unique grid designs and 18 single product templates for showcasing your creative content.

Therefore, no matter what type of site you’re creating, you can easily publish your work online using the portfolio templates. Again, these templates can be easily customized to help you create a unique portfolio with the Deep WordPress theme.

Visual Drag-and-Drop Page Builder Tools

As mentioned, the Deep WordPress theme and its templates and demos are all highly customizable. One way that the developers of the Deep theme want to help you create a unique WordPress website is by giving you access to a page builder tool. But not just one page builder. With the Deep theme, you actually get access to three powerful and popular WordPress page builders.

Elementor Page Builder

To keep things simple, you don’t have to enable or use all of the page builders. You can choose which one you want to associate the demo content you import with. However, you are free to use all three in order to help you access all the features from these drag-and-drop tools.

deep theme image8

As WPBakery Page Builder – previously known as Visual Composer – is included in the package, you can use perhaps the most popular plugin of its type to customize your website. Elementor is the second page builder, and although it’s the free version that’s included in the package, the premium Element Pack add-on for Elementor has been included to enhance this already powerful tool. Finally, there’s the premium King Composer page builder plugin, another powerful visual editor for WordPress. There’s also a premium add-on for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin included too.

As all three of these plugins include a drag-and-drop interface, as well as large libraries of elements and modules, you should have no trouble customizing the theme demo content or creating your own custom page designs from scratch.

In addition, Deep is completely compatible with Divi Builder and new Visual Composer. Although the demos are not built with these two page builders, you can use both page builders to create your pages.

Visual Header Builder

Deep Theme has a unique feature called Visual Header Builder, this feature can build different headers  live in front-end and you can build desktop, tablet and mobile header at the same time on a live website without exiting the page. For more information on this truly unique theme feature please watch a video below.

Powerful Theme Options and Customization Settings

Control Panel

Like many of the best multi-purpose WordPress themes, Deep has a full panel of customization options and settings. Thanks to this you can personalize almost any aspect of your website through a visual control panel. This includes fonts, colors, and much more. There are even header and footer layout builders to help you take control over these important areas of your website.

Font Options

Full WordPress Ecommerce Support

deep theme image6

Creating an ecommerce store with this theme isn’t a problem either. Whether you import the online shop demo or just use the ecommerce templates to add products to your website, Deep and its support for WooCommerce will ensure you have access to all the tools you need. Although the ecommerce demo is set up to sell clothes, you can easily adjust it to suit your inventory.

Other Deep WordPress Theme Features

In addition to the features mentioned above in our Deep WordPress theme review, there are also many other reasons to consider this option. Some highlights from the Deep theme feature list includes:

  • Premium slideshow builder tools LayerSlider and Slider Revolution.
  • Social media integration
  • Premium grid layout builder tool.
  • Optimized code for fasting loading times.
  • Easy website setup wizard.
  • Optional white label mode for branding client sites.
  • Ability to create custom mega menus for your website.
  • Fully mobile responsive design and layout.
  • Detailed online documentation and instructions.

You can view the full list of features on the Deep theme website.

About the Deep WordPress Theme Author

The Deep WordPress theme has been created by the Webnus Team. The team members are based around the world, helping to give their products a truly international feel and global reach. Webnus Team has been working together for five years, producing high-quality WordPress themes and plugins. Since their launch, the team has had 26 successful products at the ThemeForest marketplace, with many five-star ratings from users.

As well as the Deep theme, the Webnus Team currently offer the Modern Events Calendar plugin for WordPress and the Power VC Add-on for the Visual Composer page builder. Despite producing other themes and templates in the past, the focus is now on making Deep the number one WordPress theme.

You can find out more about the Webnus Team on their website.

Deep WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The multi-purpose Deep WordPress theme is available for purchase on three pricing plans:

  • One website usage with one year of support: $49.
  • Unlimited website usage with one year of support: $89.
  • Unlimited website usage with lifetime support: $399.

Unlike the other two plans, the top tier option includes five hours of custom development. This extra can be used to get your website looking how you want or for any other purpose. If you want to try the Deep theme without risk, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

However, as well as the above purchase options, there’s also a way to get the Deep theme for free. If you sign up with one of the web hosting partners, you could receive this theme without paying for it directly.

You can view the full pricing details on the relevant page of the Webnus website.

Deep WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

After using this theme for some time, it’s fair to say that the Deep WordPress theme is a very impressive multi-purpose website builder tool.

The website demos all look great. There’s sure to be a design that’s right for your project. Thanks to all the customization options and tools, adjusting the demos to match your needs shouldn’t be a problem either.

So if you’re looking for a very flexible theme with lots of useful features, Deep should be on your shortlist.

Find out more on the Deep WordPress theme website.

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