Delivery WooCommerce – Delivery times and delivery date v1.1.18

No matter what you want to add, our plugin will support you. Whether it’s food, products requiring installation or special delivery cases, our WooCommerce plug-in will help you.

  • Add the delivery date or times at the checkout
  • Only allow orders during business hours
  • Use Radius Shipping within km or miles
  • Add delivery charges today or the next day
  • Enable local pickup
  • Limit the number of abrasions to the date / time

Detailed functions

  • Set delivery times for a business day
  • Set the start / end date
  • Exclude holidays / days off
  • Custom notifications for all types
  • Custom date and time format
  • Set the opening hours per day in 2 time frames
  • Remove the cash box and deactivate the required one
  • Show delivery options only for specific modes of transport
  • Disable weekday delivery dates
  • Create delivery charges today and the next day
  • Disable delivery on specific business days
  • Show only within a certain circle (km or miles)


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Redux Framework