Elementor Toolkit v1.3.8

Go faster and start with a booster
Speed ​​up media-intensive pages with the Booster Performance Enhancement Kit, which is specific to the WordPress framework.

  • Start a GTMetrix scan directly from your control panel
  • LazyLoad Images & Media
  • Minify & Combine JS, CSS
  • Cancel the order of the normal WP Bloat
  • Unorder Elementor, WP, and Dashboard unused widgets

Go to Themeless with the Toolkit for Elementor
As of Elementor v2.9, the new Theme Styling framework introduces Global Styling options that work great with the Themeless Framework Toolkit!
Launch the inflate theme and use Theme Elementing + Theme Builder from Elementor natively.

  • Bypass WP Theme Framework with Themeless
  • Native use of Elementor Theme Builder & Theme Styling
  • Thanks to No Theme CSS + JS, Themeless results in lighter pages

Import saved templates across your site
Other services allow you to upload your templates to a third-party cloud. With Syncer ToolKit, connect directly to your other Elementor sites and import saved templates to speed up your workflow.

  • No third party cloud or servers needed!
  • Direct connection to your other sites
  • Easily import saved element templates with a single click