Fat Services Booking – automatic booking and online planning v3.5

FAT Service Booking is a WordPress plugin that provides you with automatic booking and online planning of your services. Checks the availability of calendars and gets free time. You control how customers can book open time intervals. FAT is designed for large teams with easy control of your services, customers, calendar and your employees. You can keep track of events in the calendar view. Provides monthly, weekly, daily, and timeline views for the calendar and can be filtered by employee, location, service, or service category.

FAT service is requested

  • Spa Salon: Provides a powerful salon tool for landlords booths, large salons and more venues. 24/7 planning, email marketing, news and much more.
  • Gym and Sports: It has everything you need to manage your business. Allow the client to choose, book online and process payments.
  • Clinic: Facilitates client planning, online reservations, sending automatic reminders.
  • Consultants: Booking and scheduling a meeting with a consultant. which provides expert advice in a specific area.
  • Beauty salons: Plan for clients, sell your makeup studio, book online, send automatic reminders and process payments.
  • Repair centers: Show your services, check the availability of calendars and get free times, enable the selected time and book a repair plan.