Gillion | WordPress template with multiple concepts, magazines and shops v4.0

Gillion is ready for you with 15+ high-quality, fully functional website demos that are ready to be customized and published as soon as possible.

With six multi-purpose, multi-use demos that extend far beyond the common limitations of WordPress, and six specific, ready-to-deploy websites, we know you’ll love Gillion.

Fashion – This demo is perfect for a fashion that requires a charming feature-rich website with all the embellishments. Perfect for branded brands, fashion magazine websites, Style websites or Website Design Trend. Fashion is tinsel and glamor optimized for the industry and ready to master in just a few clicks. Preview!

Net – The Clean show is really in the trend of a minimalist look. Lots of clean space, soft edges and smooth typography really give Clean a sophisticated look. Still a very feature-rich design with social media integration and reading time indicators, but easily configurable and great publishing in no time without the need for coding. Preview now!

Personal – Our personal demonstration is ideal for a comprehensive specialized blog that wants powerful features but a sleek look. Personal focuses on putting content first, and comes with powerful sliders on the homepage, author selection, widgets for the latest posts, and an introductory menu that can be easily expanded with the Theme Options panel.

Foodie – A demonstration of Foodie was built for the chefs among us. Are you ready to do business with a global blog about food? Foodie is for you. With email marketing integrated through MailChimp to help you create your versatile list and placements specific to advertising or affiliate marketing, Skyie’s sky is really the limit. Great for restaurants, food stalls, food reviews, food trucks and more. Look inside Foodie!

Tech – Another exceptional demo that demonstrates the power of the Gillion, Tech is a clean-looking but feature-packed website including a Trending Items indicator, our smart bookmarking system and, of course, all the important review modules to help you create this immersive user experience right into the core of your new the web. Ideal for reviews, technical news, blogs and more. Look at that!

Lifestyle – It’s big, cheeky and bold with content in front in dazzling fame in high definition, perfect for this cheeky new lifestyle website that you know will take the world by storm. A full-featured package, but access to content is king Access Lifestyle grabs your Instagram feed and creates a bold full-screen gallery with it, comes with widgets Trending Slider and Latest Posts vs Popular Posts to view top rated stuff. Discuss your lifestyle here.

Bookmark system
Smart things! The Bookmarking system allows users to log in to your site and create a list to read later on the content they like best. A simple and elegant but overlooked solution, Gillion takes over the Bookmarking system and cleverly places it in each demo to give you an edge over the competition when it comes to choosing the right theme for your site.

Control module – The review module allows you to create an overall score for your review, as well as a list of pros and cons, and a sliding system that gives you the flexibility to create a rating system for the various factors in your review.

Time to read the post – another elegant solution that customers sometimes overlook but highly appreciate, this is exactly the time to read the article. A clock icon that indicates the time it takes to read the article. Simple but smart!

Post display counter – Ever wanted to easily specify how many times your posts were shown, but had to use the default plugin? Yuck. We hate it, so we’ve included it in the Gillion by default.

Versatile universal layout
Post layout They are a great way to consistently add style and taste to your site. They take content and style it, much like CSS in HTML does, but without the required coding. To easily liven up your content, you can use an adaptive grid, a plain grid, a mixed grid, or a variety of other options.

Open the post layout take the layout of posts one step further with five different open layout styles that suit a variety of purposes. Full width for a charming high-resolution photo or blocks left and right with or without a sidebar.

Slider layout get rid of the hassle of trying to perform professional Sliders if you are not used to them. With our predefined layouts, you can choose from Carousel, Boxed, Full Width, Fancy and Mosaic with a few simple clicks. Add your own content and you’re done. Huzzah!

Drag & Drop Page Builder
Are you still missing something special?

Take your web build to the next level with drag & drop # 1, Visual Composer, included in the one-time purchase price.

Create almost any web element you want Simplicity drag & drop of the best-selling No. 1 plugin for WordPress, Visual Composer. Drag, drop, publish. It won’t be easier or better.

Built as a children’s theme
If you edit a theme directly and then update it by the original author, your edits will be lost. By using a child theme, you can be sure that your edits are preserved, but the parent theme is kept up to date. Best Web Design 101.

Powerful panel with theme options
After logging in to the WP control panel, a new menu item will appear – the Gillion Admin panel. From here, you can control, update, change, and modify many theme elements without coding knowledge. Changes are made at runtime so you can see them at work.

Search engine optimized
SEO is a careful combination of coding and search engine optimization, keeping the code clean without bloating, fast page caching to optimize page loading speed where possible, and lots of other similar tools, none of which you have to worry about Gillion because it everything was done for you. How good is it?

MailChimp email marketing
MailChimp has established itself in the industry as a go-to Plugin for WordPress when it comes to creating email marketing lists. In collaboration with Gillion, we have worked intensively with the Plugin to make integration seamless and easy.

After installing the theme, you will be prompted to activate the MailChimp plugin, enter your details and get started immediately. Start creating targeted email, send campaigns, or let your existing subscribers know you have a beautiful new site!


  • Powerful administration interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy-to-use Visual Composer page authoring tool
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Fully sensitive
  • Live customizer support
  • One-click installation demo
  • WordPress 5.0.x.
  • Ready for translation
  • 12+ custom widgets
  • 5+ different blog layouts
  • 6+ post formats
  • Powerful blog related features – control module – page view module – read later module – time read module
  • Social networking features
  • Social media icons in header
  • Sticky navigation
  • Blog rider
  • Unlimited colors
  • SEO optimized
  • Speed ‚Äč‚Äčoptimized
  • 404 page customization
  • Back to the top customization
  • Google Analytics support
  • Demo data with images (1: 1 as a sample website)
  • Premium support