How to back up or migrate your WordPress website free in 5 min

How to back up or migrate your WordPress website free


We’re going to show you how to backup your WordPress site using a free plug-in called duplicator

now backing up your WordPress site is always a great idea because it’s things happen files get lost files to get corrupted sites to get hacked and this can save you an awful lot of work so you don’t have to start building your site again from scratch so let’s do it so let’s go to our WordPress dashboard here and once we’re in the dashboard we’ll go down to plugins once we’re in plugins it’s good at the add new button at the top and we’ll search for duplicator here it is this is a fellow we want right here duplicate a WordPress migration plugin

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so I’m going to go ahead and install it it’s free for most purposes this free version will do the job just fine I’m going to go ahead and activate it I actually use the pro version because I use it on many sites it’s got a few extra features and you can actually do a lot larger site migration with it sometimes if you’ve got huge sites the regular free duplicator can’t handle it so anyway here’s our duplicator now that we’ve installed it you’ve got a duplicate icon and name on our left-hand menu here so what we want to do first is go over to packages no packages found that’s fine we haven’t built any yet so we’ll go up to the right-hand side and click create new now we need to go and hit the button that says next he’ll scan us I just check out that everything’s working the way it should do okay we’ve got green lights on everything here that’s fine

duplicator scan

so I just need to hit the build button it’ll take a moment to build a package and what the package is it’s a zip file of all the files on your site plus the database and it’s got a PHP install as well which is what right there’s the Installer what we use to actually reinstall it here

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so I want to download it I’ll click on the Installer to download it now click on the archive download it and what’s there safely downloaded we will make sure you know where they’re downloaded to because you want to use those in a minute now we have our installer files this is all we need to actually restore our site so what I’m gonna do here’s my website I’m actually working on a local host here which is on the local machine but it it’s exactly the same if you’re working on an online site I’m gonna get rid of everything that’s on this site so if I go to the file where the site is located which is here now I’m gonna select everything and delete it so everything on that site is now gone see if i refresh this page it should give me nothing probably yeah nothing basically okay so what we need to do if you’re working on online you want to use an FTP client like filezilla or something like that but as I’m working locally I’ll just get the directory of my site backup which is here and I’ll put these files into it so there we are I’ve just put the Installer and the package into the file there if you were doing it to an online host you just upload these with an FTP client into your root directory or the sub directory of your site wherever it was okay so I get that out of the way now now what I need to do is navigate to the site which is this URL here where the site was but I just need to add installer PHP to the end of the string there or the URL and as you can see this is what this is right here that’s the installer file right there so where we’re pointing to that now now if I could go enter this is what comes up it’s navigated to this installer PHP file and here’s our archive and I have to check this little box that says I’ve read and accept all terms and notices hit the next button and starting to run the deployment process okay so this is now where we’ve got to tell it exactly what to do connect and remove all doubt that’s exactly
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What we’re going to do because there’s nothing in there anyway the host is a local host if it was your GoDaddy or I paid site or Bluehost site whatever you’d put in their host name there or the hosting name of your site database you can use one that you’ve already got there which is the one you would have set up with your WordPress or you can go into your hosting provider and create a brand new one and use it create a new database and user which is very easy on any hosting package but I’ve got one set up here I’m going to use service trailer now I’ve made it very easy because I’ve got the same thing for thinking there we go and I’ll just test the database and it’ll see if it can connect with it or not everything looks fine the host success database fine that’s great everything is working perfectly so I just hit the next button and it’ll run the Installer that’s it that was very quick but it’s a fairly small site so let’s login to our site and it says it’s been successfully migrated we can remove the installation files and I’m not going to clear the build cache just yet I’ll wait probably till tomorrow something to do that just in case it’s still building I’m sure it’s fine but that’s what I usually do now if we visit our site as you can see the site is back so we’ve treated it as if it’s been hacked or something we’ve deleted all the files and we’ve just done a restore with our duplicator plug-in installer package and what I suggest you doing is what I do is just go in there and create a package every month delete the old one next month create a new one delete the old one that way if something happens

you don’t have to go back too far but it’s it’s a fantastic system now what I’ll do I’ll go a step further this migrate this site online using that same system so what I’m going to do is I’m going to a set up a subdirectory to put it in and a database to use this okay so I’m back I’ve created a directory and my hosting provider what I’m going to do is open up FileZilla which is a free FTP file transport protocol program and I’m going to use it to upload my installer package to my hosting provider so here’s my package from duplicator right here and here’s my sub directory on my hosting provider I’ve called it dupe for duplicator so just going to transfer those files over and as you can see it’s rolling another way to do it is actually go to your site you can zip these two files up into no zip file and do it that way sometimes it’s quicker than doing it this way okay we skipped forward in time now and it’s just about uploaded those files here says it’s a hundred percent let’s just refresh this there we go there’s our packages right there.

deploy dup

Now I need to go online and navigate to my new site here or to my new directory I should say and its subdirectory of my main site is forward slashed to the directory which is Duke for duplicator now I just need to do a forward slash to that Installer dot PHP file there we go and it’s brought up that same thing as we had before checked the little box there hit the next button and we’re actually deploying it now we’re transferring it from my local PC out to the live server here connect and remove all data it’s fine because we’ve got nothing there localhost I’ve got to change that to my hosting provider host obviously yours will be different from mine and it’ll be readily available when you create your database it’ll be at the top of that page and tell you I’ll have to blur this out obviously so we put that in the database if I can remember the name of it nothing is step one I think I use this thing for everything and there we go as tests that make sure

it’s going to work yep that seems fine and hit our next button that’s good that’s fine – okay what everything’s done there let’s check out our site I just need to get that go to the actual directory itself and there’s our Sonic this time it’s live online and for those of you that might be watching that have seen me put in my password and everything database and everything and thinking you want to hack this site that’s fine but I’m just gonna go ahead and delete it as soon as I finish this  so I shouldn’t bother ya anyway that is how to backup and also migrate your site with the free Duplicator plugin it’s great like I say I suggest you just do a backup create a package once a month or something just so you’ve got it just in case you need it so once again

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