How to Make a Worthy Presentation: 26 Creative Powerpoint & Keynote Templates

“People who know about what they are talking don’t need PowerPoint.” Let me disagree with Steve Job’s statement. Creating a meaningful presentation will work on your business project. It will make the audience to focus on the subject of your business. It will help your startup to grow up and develop faster.

Seeing is believing. Visual perception plays a titanic role in building a business strategy. For this reason, it’s important to make your presentation worth your audience’s attention. It must look professional and creative, well-designed and informative. Creative PowerPoint & Keynote templates will come in handy for those who want to create win-win slides.

Core Features of Effective Presentation

A quality presentation must reinforce, underscore, and support the speaker’s idea. That is why choosing a well-designed presentation template is of high priority. It has to meet the latest web design requirements.

If you have come up with a strong need to craft creative slides, opt for a premium template. It will help you make your project shine and grab the audience’s attention. As a rule, pro templates are designed to attract the audience’s attention at a glance. They features:

  1. Readability. To achieve a balanced appearance, make the text on each slide readable. Use a list concept to facilitate reading. Don’t overwhelm your slides with extensive information and much text. Use only an eye-pleasing font and color. Consider the acceptable contrast ratio.
  2. Slide quantity. A lot of slides don’t mean effective. Change slides every 30-45 seconds. This time is enough to get information. The longer intervals you use, the less interesting your presentation is. A well-organized 25-minutes presentation should include no more than 35 slides.
  3. Format consistency. Follow the universal format rules:
    • A light color for a background;
    • One font for a slide;
    • Different font sizes including bold/italic for effect;
    • Avoid using all capital letters for emphasis;
    • Combine the right colors (Learn Color Theory).
  4. Use of charts and graphs. Keep your charts laconic and informative will grab the audience’s attention. Graphs help to convey easier than just text. You can insert infographics into your unique slides. People like this visual method. It looks laconic yet ultimate.

Here’s a set of creative presentation templates based on PowerPoint and Keynote. You will be able to choose the best variant for you.

1614073449 90 Presentation Templates

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Well-Designed Creative PowerPoint Templates to Impress an Audience

Let’s dive into the set of creative PowerPoint slides. Accurately designed by pros, they combine format consistency and visual attention-getting value.


Entorum - Business with flexible infographics PowerPoint Template

With this well-structured template, your business proposal will attain an object. Designed by pros from ZEMEZ, Entorum looks like a juicy layout for both newbies and masters. Thanks to its options, anyone can compose a catchy infographic:

  • 800 slides;
  • Easy-to-edit charts;
  • Vector icons;
  • 4 aspect ratios (16:9; 16:10; 4:3; A4);
  • Light and dark styles.


Mobile Store PowerPoint Template

Mobile Store PowerPoint Template

If you want to engage every event attendee with your eye-candy presentation, you shouldn’t miss this stylish and state-of-the-art PowerPoint template. It includes dark ready-made slides for different purposes, featuring tons of infographics, graphs, tables, bulleted lists, mind maps, schemes, diagrams and more. You can trouble-free customize every shape and element of this template. Other features:

  • Slide Master based;
  • PPTX and PPT files included;
  • Drag and drop ready;
  • More than 150 colors.


Xpress PowerPoint Template

Xpress PowerPoint Template

Xpress presentation theme includes 60 unique slides with fully-editable design. Using these cutting-edge slides you can present your company and services, a startup, business plan, project, etc. This template is based on Master Slides. It’s also easy-to-use with One-click Color Changer and infographics presets on board. Other features:

  • Automatic fitting of images to shapes;
  • High-quality animations;
  • 500 free font icons;
  • Unique smart objects.


Marketing PRO Presentation PowerPoint Template

Marketing PRO Presentation PowerPoint Template

This juicy, colorful and modern presentation template was designed with the needs of marketers in mind. You can use it to present different types of data and a wide range of projects. Using Marketing PRO template, you can choose from 150+ colors available, editing the shapes with drag-n-drop. You’ll also get all the template files in both PPTX and PPT formats. Other features:

  • Fully-editable;
  • More than 500 icons;
  • Master Slides based;
  • Fast support.


Multipurpose Business Infographic Presentation – PowerPoint Template

Multipurpose Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template

Infographics effectively help you shape the way you present material in a logical and comprehensive manner. To incorporate professional infographics to your next project, use this Multipurpose Business Infographic template. It includes 500+ ready-made slides with charts, tables, schemes and, of course, all types of infographics you can think of. All slides are available in 3 different sizes, as well as in light and dark versions. Other features:

  • Add images with drag-n-drop;
  • 4000 vector EPS icons;
  • Animated objects;
  • 26 color schemes and colors.


Perfect PowerPoint Template

Perfect PowerPoint Template

This is an extra-cool multi-purpose presentation design, including more than 59,000+ slides in total. The theme is easy-to-edit with vector icons and shapes, as well as with ready-made infographics and charts. Moreover, this theme comes with 60 color schemes and well-thought image placeholders. So, use this template to create a presentation that’s just perfect! Other features:

  • Animated and Non-animated versions;
  • 4000+ vector icons;
  • Slide Master ready;
  • 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 & A4 HD Widescreen sizes.


Geometry PowerPoint Template

Geometry PowerPoint Template

Geometry template lets you create a clean, minimal and statement-making presentation. You can use this template to present on a wide range of topics, as slides for different business and marketing purposes are included. Built with Slide Master, Geometry template is creative and easy-to-edit with drag-n-drop and ready-made image placeholders. Other features:

  • 56 unique slide designs;
  • PPTX and PPT files;
  • 16:9 HD Widescreen;
  • Fully animated.


Minimalism PowerPoint Template

Minimalism PowerPoint Template

Minimalism template is a set of stylish, minimal and modern slides for presenting your startup, project, idea or business plan. This theme incorporates 50 unique slides in PPT and PPTX formats, 4000+ vector icons, tons of pre-built infographics, charts, tables and more. Minimalism template is available in two popular HD ratios: 16:9 and 4:3. It uses only free fonts, which you can get from the web with the link provided. Other features:

  • Easy-to-edit vector shapes;
  • Built with Slide Master;
  • Fully animated;
  • Vector icons.



Delight - PowerPoint Template

Look for something bright, extra-ordinary yet minimalist? ‘Delight’ is one of the creative PowerPoint templates that are worth your attention. It has a fully editable nature. The template includes a wide range of useful features:

  • 30 unique slides;
  • Accurate documentation;
  • 5 color schemes;
  • Vector-based elements.



Martina - Modern PowerPoint Template

This stylish PPT template meets all the modern web design standards. Martina template will help you enrich your presentation and make it more head-turning. The product allows you to easily replace images with a drag and drop option. Alongside icons and free fonts, the template comes with:

  • 32 creative slides;
  • One HD ratio (16:9);
  • Resizable vector elements.



DREAMER - Creative PowerPoint Template

The title of this PPT template totally complies with its appearance. The template boasts a charming clear design. Coming with 5 color schemes, Dreamer can be easily adapted to your business. The template is flexible and easy-customizable. It features:

  • 30 unique slides;
  • Comprehensive documentation;
  • Limitless free fonts;
  • HD widescreen ratio 16:9.


ONE – Modern PowerPoint Template

ONE - Modern PowerPoint Template

ONE is a gorgeous template designed for different needs. With this template, you can enhance your slides with animations, infographics, and charts. Using Excel tables, you won’t have difficulty editing charts. Thanks to a pack of free fonts, it’s possible to play with the appearance of your slides until you find the right variant.

  • 16 ready-to-use color schemes;
  • 24/7 support.
  • 16:9 HD screen ratio.



Best | PowerPoint Template

This template is a creative solution for all possible business needs. There are many options and features that can be edited without leaving PowerPoint. All the 150 slides included can change color and font. Main features are:

  • 150+ slides;
  • 5 ready-made color schemes;
  • Handcrafted infographics;
  • High-quality illustrations.



Visibility - Creative PowerPoint Template

Visibility is a win-win solution to creating an outstanding presentation. This visual tool is a highly editable product with more than 50 unique slides. The template gives you a great opportunity to present your business proposal more effective. With Visibility, you will get:

  • Unique icon pack;
  • Light and dark versions;
  • Unlimited fonts;
  • 70 master slide layouts.



Moulah | PowerPoint Template

This well-structured yet elegant template is a part of creative PowerPoint templates. You can use this product directly or customize it to your project needs. It comes with 5 color variants allowing you to adjust the slides to the whole business idea. Each template has 30 unique slides and pixel-perfect illustrations. Inside the pack you can find:

  • 150+ slides;
  • 5 color types;
  • Picture placeholder;
  • Gallery slide.


Be-Creative PowerPoint Template

Be-Creative PowerPoint Template

Be-Creative is a modern, stylish, and inspirational template that fits any business and personal needs. It offers a full-fledged solution to building a catchy visual material. It will surely support any oral presentation to stick it in the audience’s memory. Be-Creative comes with such helpful features as:

  • More than 80 unique slides;
  • Two unique presentation styles;
  • Drag-and-drop option;
  • Free fonts/ images placeholder.


Gorgeous Creative Keynote Templates to Support Your Project Presentation

Be-Creative PowerPoint Template

Alongside Google slides and PowerPoint, there is a wide assortment of creative Keynote templates. This software is free for members of the Google office. But if you’re searching for a professional Keynote presentation, take a closer look at this collection.



Epic Keynote Template

With Epic template, you will have access to a pack of top-quality elements like animation and visual effects to get truly creative. This product is Mac only but today tons of users work on iDevices. Its editable nature will help anyone to craft outstanding slides within hours. What is under the hood of Epic?

  • 55 unique slides;
  • SlideMaster inside;
  • Hundreds of icons;
  • Unlimited color variations.



Lulu Creative Presentation Keynote Template

There’s no matter what business presentation you need to create. Lulu is a universal solution that fits multiple areas. This Keynote product allows you working with easily editable charts. Replace images with a drag and drop manner. Compose an eye-pleasing and memorable visual tool that includes:

  • MasterSlides;
  • Modern typography;
  • Images placeholder.



KANZALEA Keynote Template

This business Keynote template consists of 36 editable slides to make your presentation shine up. Remarkable slides will work on your business proposal and overall brand identity. Insert various attributes of your company into each slide, and your brand will stick in people’s memory. However, keep your slides well-balanced when using Kanzalea’s opportunities:

  • Resizeable and editable images;
  • Free web fonts;
  • Master Slides;
  • 16: 9 widescreen ratio.



Urban Planning Presentation Keynote Template

This feature-rich Keypoint template will come in handy for those who need planning presentation slides. Urban comes with rich colors, thought-out structure, and customizable options. To work with this template, you don’t need coding skills. The template offers:

  • Vector elements;
  • Catchy dark background;
  • 35 slides.



Genius Keynote Template

With Genuis, you can reach for the stars. The template is creative, not ordinary and multipurpose. Coming with a modern design it will surely fit many innovative business areas. Thanks to a great color contrast used for slides, you will focus your audience’s attention on the message of your presentation. The template involves:

  • 40 unique slides;
  • Vector shape elements;
  • MasterSlide;
  • Extensive icon library.



Sweeze - Keynote Template

Sweeze will let your audience dream. It has a clean and eye-pleasing background. Its gorgeous slides will perfectly suit travel agencies, blogs, etc. The template is easy to customize thanks to a plethora of editable options:

  • Free web fonts;
  • 36 slides;
  • Library of vector icons.



Celica Keynote Template

Pro wen masters have designed this Keynote template for professional use. Celica includes 150 slides totally. Working with this software is easy as pie. It is editable and flexible. There are many useful options and features at the fingertips:

  • 30 unique slides;
  • 5 color schemes;
  • Vector components;
  • 16:9 screen ratio.



Amous - Keynote Template

Take a look at the design of this creative Keypoint template. It features amazing colors that worth your attention. Using Amous for business needs will help you elevate your business strategy to a whole new level. Here are:

  • Accurate documentation;
  • 30 creative slides;
  • A pack of free fonts;
  • A set of vector elements.



Nebla Keynote Template

Nebla’s design looks extra-ordinary among other Keynote presentations. This template will cope with different issues. Including 30 unique slides, it is ready to be customized. Thus, you won’t have difficulty with adjusting Nebla to your needs. It comes with:

  • Documentation;
  • Images placeholder;
  • 5 color pallets;
  • Rich typography elements.



Wonderful - Keynote Template

The template looks like it is named. Wonderful has a truly wonderful creative design and an impeccable package of tools. With this template, you can be sure that your presentation is worth people’s attention. It offers:

  • 30 unique slides in 5 color schemes;
  • Fully editable layout;
  • Free fonts;
  • Vector-based components.


This collection of creative Powerpoint templates and Keynote layouts can inspire you. If you have given up the idea of making presentations for some reason, now you have to try. These templates won’t take a lot of your time and effort.

Have you ever searched for an effective presentation builder? If you know which software is more suitable for multiple purposes, share your ideas below.

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