Improve Your Project With These Astonishing Blog And Store WP Assets

There’s no secret that, in the 21st Century, there are many competitors. For these simple reasons, all the website owners did their best to stand out from the crowd. Without a doubt, following the newest trends requires big money. Still, if something is popular it doesn’t mean that you need it. Fresh website templates, plugins, assets, and features appear every season. Plus, there are also regular updates and you can’t get them all.

Today it’s easy to launch a website. In the previous post, I made a step-by-step guide for beginners on how to make a WordPress website. Thanks to the creator-friendly design, you won’t need to have special knowledge. However, the choice is big, so how to figure out which elements are worthy of your attention? Well, that’s why I decided to write this post. Today, I’m going to review 20 premium assets for blogs and online stores. All of them were made for WordPress-based online projects. Also, there are live demos for templates and previews for illustrations. Don’t forget to check them out!

EcoDetox – Healthy Food Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

EcoDetox - Healthy Food Blog Elementor WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Without a doubt, running blogs is still a popular and working way to communicate with your auditory. As you can see EcoDetox is an Elementor-based WP theme for a blog. It means that you will get multiple ready-made designs and a full-fledged drag & drop functionality with live preview. Besides, you will be able to choose from numerous UI components or create your unique designs. This item is code-free, so you won’t need any special skills to work with EcoDetox.

Inside the pack of this intuitive template, you will find such features as:

  • Elementor Page Builder,
  • free quality images,
  • JetBlog plugin,
  • JetElements plugin,
  • free and friendly technical support, etc.

YouMovie – Videography Elementor WordPress Theme

YouMovie - Videography Elementor WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

This creative WordPress theme allows you to manage an up-to-date video blog just out of the box. For these simple reasons, YouMovie comes with such pre-designed pages as:

  • Home Page,
  • Video Playlist,
  • Trending Video,
  • Category: Films,
  • and several styles for a blog.

In addition, the pack of YouMovie contains JetBlog plugin. It provides the site owner with different widgets to enrich textual and visual content. Using the plugin, you can place some special elements in headers and footers. On the other hand, you get JetTricks plugin that adds various eye-catching visual effects to the blog design. Here’s how you can present your content in an extraordinary way!

Best Portfolio WordPress Theme

Best Portfolio WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

In case you are looking for a cute portfolio WP theme with clean and minimal design, don’t miss this item! It perfectly suits for creative designer and web designer related on-line projects. This template is extremely responsive, so you won’t need to worry about the look of your website. Thanks to this feature, there will be no time or place limits! People will be able to enter your portfolio wherever they are. All the sections will be scrollable from mobiles. Plus, the theme is crossbrowser compatible as well, so it fits any browser.

Chef’s Recipe – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

Chef's Recipe - Food & Recipe WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Here’s Chef’s Recipe – a groundbreaking and colorful WP theme, which is so modern and easy-to-manage! The product is multipurpose and you will find endless designs in its pack. For example, inside Chef’s Recipe, there are 20+options for recipe like:

  • Ratings,
  • Description,
  • Video and gallery images,
  • Nutritions and smart categories,
  • Allergens,
  • Recipe likes system,
  • Recipe types, and much more!

Actually, there are even more options for such things as Member Features, (10+) Search Features, (50+) and Page Features (20+). What’s more, there are countless shortcodes and widgets to help you to build the very website.

Kava | Multipurpose WP Theme with Elementor Page Builder

Kava | Multipurpose WP Theme with Elementor Page BuilderMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Before everything else, this multi-functional WordPress theme contains lots of attractive demos. Being 100% versatile, they are also easy-to-manage. With it, you can change any detail and style the design in accordance with your personal preferences without a hitch! Honestly speaking, you can create any website you need with the help of Kava. By the way, the pack of the theme contains trendy WooCommerce pages. They are pre-made, so you can add shop functionality to your website or create a real website effortlessly!

Journeo – Travel Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Journeo - Travel Agency Elementor WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

For today, the biggest part of all world traffic relates to mobiles! For these simple reasons, you should understand that mobile-ready design matters. And matters a lot! However, the next WP theme offers you something that is even better. Yes, I mean mobile-first design! This is a trendy web design technique. It starts building the website from its mobile version. As a result, the small-screened on-line project is ready when the full version is still under construction.

Base – Creative Studio WordPress Theme

Base WordPress ThemeMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Needless to say, Base is a soft and minimalist template, which has unbelievably simple and beautiful design. It was featured especially for creative agencies and studios. Thus, among the theme’s elements, you will find not the responsive layouts only. There are amazing Custom Background Image and Custom Background Color features. You can change the look of the website in a few clicks thanks to these flexible settings. Besides, Base is compatible with all the browsers, menus, and devices. Plus, the theme has unlimited domain usage, which is so comfy for website building.

Professional Services | Design Studio Ad Animated Banner

Professional Services | Design Studio Ad Animated BannerMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

To begin with, today, it’s important to stand out from the crowd of your competitors. To get success, a lot of website owners pay big money to professional designers. And how to promote your on-line project without running out of the budget? Well, that’s why I decided to add Professional Services to this selection. As you can see it’ an animated banner template to get the attention of your on-line guests.

So what’s inside? Here are the main features Professional Services consists of:

  • completely editable files in 7 standard sizes,
  • Google Ads Optimized,
  • web fonts,
  • help files,
  • video tutorials,
  • free images in high resolution, etc.

Education & Institute | Higher Education Animated Banner

Education & Institute | Higher Education Animated BannerMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Here’s one more animated banner, which was designed for educational websites. The pack was optimized by a professional team; now, it meets all the recent Google requirements. In case you are going to offer some courses or promote your online campaign, Education & Institute banner is what you need. The product’s features are same to the ones you get with the previous banner.

Shopping & E-commerce | Christmas Sale Ads Animated Banner

Shopping & E-commerce | Christmas Sale Ads Animated BannerMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

As you can see, here’s another strikingly-colored animated banner. This package was designed for Christmas season and winter holidays, in case you prefer to inform the audience about your plans in an interactive way. Using Shopping & E-commerce, you can design things such as offers, coupons, shopping buttons, CTAs, and more.

Professional Services | Yoga & Meditation Ads Animated Banner

Professional Services | Yoga & Meditation Ads Animated BannerMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

To put it briefly, Professional Services is a brand-new ads banner. The images come in 7 popular sizes. By tradition, each of them is 100% flexible. This product will help you to create a lucrative advertisement for topics like:

  • health center,
  • health services,
  • yoga classes,
  • meditation,
  • personal trainers,
  • body healing,
  • personal trainer,
  • personal development, etc.

In addition, inside the banner’s pack, you will find help files and awesome video tutorials.

Professional Services | Cloud Service / Hosting Banner Ad Animated Banner

Professional Services | Cloud Service / Hosting Banner Ad Animated BannerMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Simply put, this ace banner is a perfect tool for companies and agencies that provide different Cloud-based services. To list a few:

  • online data storage,
  • hosted office suites,
  • database processing,
  • backup solutions,
  • managed tech support, and more.

Choosing this pack, you will get a set of professional web fonts. They are eye-friendly and readable enough to present important information.

Bouquet With Violas PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Bouquet With Violas PNG Watercolor Set IllustrationMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

You should definitely check out this voguish .png illustration set! The bouquet contains 78 files. They are purple watercolor flowers ideal for:

  • greetings cards,
  • wedding invitations,
  • quotes,
  • posters, and so on.

Basically, the pack contains both .png and .jpg files. Furthermore, there are patterns, frames, and borders. They are good not only for printable items, but for blogs as well! Needless to say, all the illustrations are totally editable. You can change colors, shades, sizes, and other details.

Ash Leaves PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Ash Leaves PNG Watercolor Set IllustrationMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Ash Leaves is the next attention-grabbing watercolor set of illustrations. These images are perfect for DIY materials, cards, and invitations. Inside the package, you’ll see 7 .png files and 36 .jpg files. In addition, there are frames, borders, and patterns. All the elements are painted by hand. They are highly detailed and can be used as backgrounds and textures.

Exotic Tropical Set PNG Watercolor Illustration

Exotic Tropical Set PNG Watercolor IllustrationMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

If you would like to add something exotic to your business, don’t miss this watercolor set! It consists of 47 handmade files designed in tropical Hawaiian summer style. Without a doubt, these illustrations are changeable and print-ready.

Elementor WordPress Bundle

Elementor WordPress BundleMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Finally, let’s move on to this strong Elementor WP bundle! This pack is a must-have for users who want to enrich their online projects with new functionalities. Inside the bundle, a user will find 60+ templates that are absolutely ready-made and pre-designed by a professional team. To say more, there are 5 different full-fledged themes with an amazing WYSIWYG functionality. The list includes the next styles: Personal Portfolio, Creative Minimal, Environment, Restaurant, and Business Marketing.

Furthermore, there are 10 Jet plugins that were very popular back in 2018. They are:

  • JetBlog, which has everything and anything for a modern blog,
  • JetElements plugin that comes with a huge number of web design elements and trendy features,
  • JetMenu – WP plugin that allows you to create attractive and complicated menus,
  • JetWooBuilder for eCommerce purposes,
  • JetBlocks, which will help you to build headers/ footers and edit them,
  • JetTabs, which comes with numerous widgets,
  • JetReviews to make outstanding reviews with spectacular layouts and bars,
  • JetPopUp, and more.

Gently speaking, this Elementor bundle is a ready-made solution for website creators and web developers. You can build as many websites as you need just out of the pack using a single product!

Mega – WordPress Theme Bundle

Mega WordPress Theme BundleMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Talking about Mega, this gorgeous WordPress bundle contains 15 ready-to-use themes in its pack. They cover almost any business niche including creative agencies, medicine, and architecture. Also, there are built-in galleries and other must-have features to manage a photographer website. All the layouts are 100% responsive. They are SEO-friendly, which means that your site will have great search results. In addition, Mega bundle contains many custom widgets and plugins. There are web fonts and free Stock images as well. Actually, the full list of Mega’s features would be too long. For these simple reasons, I recommend you to view out the detailed information.

20 Christmas Promo Banners Bundle

20 Christmas Promo Banners BundleMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

By tradition, Christmas holidays are a sales season! When it comes to shop development, these days are as important as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Your customers will be waiting for discounts, and there’s no need to disappoint them. All in all, Christmas season is a lucrative time for shop owners, and it requires special attention. Digital marketplaces contain lots of coupon themes and plugins for WordPress users. This hip bundle is a nice thing to be used for Google AdWords. There are 2 sets of creative banners that are easy to customize and compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures – Bundle

1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures - BundleMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

Today, some site owners prefer to focus on web design trends and fresh features. However, they forget that such things as textures and backgrounds are still important. In the end, you should work on any website detail if you want people to take your business seriously. View out the info of this artistic bundle to see how many eye-pleasing styles are inside the pack!

Golden Bloom – Monogram Set Bundle

Golden Bloom - Monogram Set BundleMORE INFO / DOWNLOAD

To end with, let’s take a quick look at Golden Bloom. This monogram bundle contains soft watercolor illustrations that definitely require your attention!

For today these were all the items I selected. As you can see, these blog assets would be a good addition to any projects. Both material and digital. You won’t need to have any coding skills or special knowledge in order to work with these products. In 2018, when it comes to the global market, any detail of your business matter!

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