Kayako Fusion Helpdesk v4.93.13

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Kayako Fusion helpdesk


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Download free Kayako Fusion Helpdesk 4.93.13 – Software Help Desk

Live chat software included

Contextual customer service

Shared mailbox for conversations with customers

Customer knowledge base knowledge base

See Real-time customer activity

Work better as a team

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Download free Kayako Fusion Helpdesk 4.93.13 – Software Help Desk

Kayako Fusion Helpdesk Free download 4.93.13 | Kayako | Kayako Fusion Helpdesk 4.93.13 – Technical support software includes powerful instant functionality that allows customer service teams to quickly begin processing requests and conversations received from any platform. Improve customer service and stay in touch as you expand.

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Provide excellent customer service through live chat, email, Facebook and Twitter in multiple languages.

SMEs looking for fully integrated cloud support to help customers instantly.

Live chat software included

Our live chat application is one of many tools included in Kayako’s award-winning technical support solution to help you perform customer service.

With Kayako’s Live Chat Tool, you can provide your customers with a personal, engaging live chat experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From the Kayako dashboard, you can help customers in real time through all channels.

Our live chat program is easy to configure and integrate into your website, iOS and Android applications.

Contextual customer service

Kayako Nulled PHPUnlike other technical support applications, it gives you a complete picture of your customer experience so you understand where they come from. Even if a customer contacts you for help, your team will be aware of all the conversations they have had with your company and the problems they have. With Kayako Single View, all the knowledge a team needs to have a personal and connected customer experience is at your fingertips.

Shared mailbox for conversations with customers

Shared Inbox Tool in Kayako helpdesk software makes it easy to process conversations with customers. Your customer support team stays on top of open issues and automatically delegates conversations to the right people using customized views, tags, and conversation assignments.

Customer knowledge base knowledge base

Kayako – Chat for sites offers comprehensive technical support services, including a completely flexible knowledge base that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the team is not. Customers will be able to quickly find what they want and receive feedback as they type.

See Real-time customer activity

Assign superpowers to your team. Bring all your customers into operation Kayak for complete backgrounds and faster and more useful services.

Work better as a team

Automatically route and delegate conversations to an agent that is ideally qualified for ticket management, so nothing breaks.



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