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Moko IPTV Player - Website for IPTV video streaming

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Download free Moko IPTV Player v1.0 – web server for streaming IPTV video

The MokoIPTV script has the following functions:

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Download free Moko IPTV Player v1.0 – web server for streaming IPTV video

Moko IPTV Player – IPTV Video Streaming Web Free Download 1.0 – CodeCanyon | Moko IPTV Player v1.0 – Website for streaming IPTV video is an IPTV video streaming script that responds. It has a really great and attractive front end. It was created as a web player for various IPTV services around the world. Because the vast majority of IPTV services lack a web player, this script simulates the task of watching IPTV on the go.

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This script was generated without using a framework and is written in procedural PHP. As a result, it can be easily customized by any developer. A preliminary advertising system can be profitable (such as YouTube).

This script is incredibly light and weighs only 3 megabytes. It does not need a database connection and can even be deployed to a free shared server.

The MokoIPTV script has the following functions:

  • Lightweight and bandwidth-intensive
  • Plays video from any IPTV provider.
  • URL suitable for SEO in the front end
  • Pure coding with correct comments
  • Fully responsive bootstrap-based design for any device
  • It has a Preroll video ad system
  • Change everything like logo, site name from cPanel
  • Supports M3U URL or M3U file upload
  • MPEG-2T is not supported
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced ultra fast on-page search system
  • Support for different browsers
  • SEO friendly HTML5 tagging

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