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MusicEngine - Music social networks

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1 Download Free MusicEngine – Music Social Network v2.1.0.3

1.1 Features for MusicEngine – music social networks:

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Download Free MusicEngine – Music Social Network v2.1.0.3

MusicEngine – music social network for free download – CodeCanyon | MusicEngine – Music Social Networks v2.1.0.3 is a premium PHP Script that is inspired by Social Music Networking.

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What if you could have a single platform where you could share music, reach out to loved musicians and fans to connect with them?

For all established and emerging musicians looking for such a platform, MusicEngine provides everything. MusicEngine PHP script is a social networking site dedicated exclusively to musicians. It is a unique platform that combines the power of social networks and music sharing in one place.

Features for MusicEngine – music social networks:

  • Support for all browsing, including Internet Explorer 11
  • Never stop playing for any reason, such as login / logout, or change the entire language of the site, the page will not reload once.
  • Light / dark theme with modern design
  • Super fast even for mobile devices
  • Serious design and care of mobile devices
  • Easy to edit URL structure
  • Support Wasabi, Amazon S3, FTP, Cloud Driver for storing your media
  • It supports HLS to protect your music files and also helps you play on iOS devices much faster.
  • Support for saving high-definition versions of music files (for example, to play a subscription)
  • Support for laravel queues for sending e-mails and creating artwork conversions.
  • Log in by email or username as you wish
  • Authorized user group level, easy administrator account creation or moderation.
  • Share your current song / album / playlist / queue with Widget Embed Player
    Drag a music object to the queue
  • Support for multiple repositories (FTP, S3 Cloud, etc.)

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