Ninja Popup Review – An affordable way to start expanding your list

Pop-ups have a bad reputation in terms of user experience. Unfortunately, despite rumors that no one likes them, they seem to work incredibly well and back up data.

Right here on WPKube we saw the results of using pop-up credentials and the numbers are quite impressive. Thanks to various plug-ins, we were able to increase the login rate by almost 200%.

Reviews of Ninja forms

Although there are quite a few different plugins available, we will focus today on a review of Ninja Popups. This is a premium listing module available at Envato Market that allows you to create a user-friendly pop-up login with a lightbox overlay, as shown in the image below. Ninja Popups for WordPress also allows social sharing, footer login bars and direct login.

ninja pop-up reviews

Setup and installation

Once the purchase process is complete, the plugin is available for download. Installation is easy – just go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add new >> Upload. Select a file from your computer and activate it.

Once activated, Ninja pop-ups have their own menu, which you will find in the settings.

Ninja pop-up menu

Creating the first pop-up window

There is an “Add New Popup” option in the Ninja Popups menu. Click on it to get to the extensive settings screen. Given the number of options available, we will not have time to go through the creation of a complete login form, but we will touch on all the important options.

Once you’ve named your pop-up, you can choose from one of the ready-made themes or create your own using the Theme Builder. The prepared themes consist of 20 potential options, many of which offer more color options and a social option.

Ninja pop-ups create a pop-up window

Getting started with creating the first pop-up window is easy

Themes ready

If you select Ready Theme, you will avoid the need to use the theme editor (we will discuss this soon). But that doesn’t mean your pop-up can’t be customized – not with a long shot. According to my number, there are a total of 54 options to choose from, not that you need them all or want to change them, but you could.

Ninja Popups Themes

Just a few topics available


The first line of customization is content options. Ninja pop-ups allow you to customize the width of the pop-up window plus all the other elements it contains, including:

  • Header text and font size
  • Subtitle (bold or normal) and font size
  • Main text
  • Bulleted lists
  • Insert pictures and videos
  • Placeholders for your own name and email
  • Custom field
  • Submit button text, loading and success text
  • Button color and gradient settings



Ninja pop-ups let you control the opacity of the overlay and assign an image. This will allow you to find the combination that best highlights your submitted form.

Screen settings

If your login form is a specific date, you will want to use these fields. If you leave it blank, it means that the pop-up window is still active. However, filling in these fields means that you can enter both the start and end dates of the form.

Welcome and Exit settings

The welcome setting provides control over when the pop-up window loads with 3 separate options, including loading the page, after X seconds of inactivity, or when the user scrolls the page down. The exit setting also provides 3 options for displaying a pop-up window, which includes leaving the page (using a system alert) when the mouse leaves the viewport and when the user clicks on an external link.

Close and delay button

A few things are more annoying than a pop-up, so you can’t find a way to close it. To keep visitors happy, you can set an auto-close delay. There is also the option to display a close button (with 7 styles to choose from) as well as a link with customizable text.


Ninja Popups gives you control over your cookies also with 2 options. You can specify how long after the visitor is transferred, the login form will be deactivated. It can be set to anything from complete deactivation or only the current session to the specified number of days.

If the visitor fails to convert, you can control the same options. Keep in mind that this is a setting that has a big impact on the user experience. If the visitor closes your login form, consider very carefully when you want to introduce him again. Nothing is more annoying than the form that keeps appearing even when you close it.


Another feature to use with caution is the ability to redirect after a user chooses to log in. Although Ninja Popups allows you to do this, always make sure that the visitor knows in advance that this will happen. For example, logging in to access a specific page or bonus file is fine. An unexpected redirect to the sales page is not great.

other functions

For more advanced users, there are two options for custom CSS and JS. In addition, if for any reason you do not use an auto-reply, you will be able to forward the login to your email address.

Theme Builder

A relatively new feature in Ninja Popups is the theme creator, which allows you to create your own custom pop-ups. It is relatively easy to use and provides a lot of control over styling. Once you’ve set the size, simply drag the elements you want, for example:

  • Text
  • List of bullets
  • slides
  • Box
  • Buttons
  • Input fields, text fields and selectors
  • Horizontal lines

Each individual element also provides customization. For example, you can move a text element, rotate it, change the font, add a background, add a border, or apply animation. In addition to the individual elements, the pop-up window as a whole allows the same level of control, including the entire set of Animate.css options.

Ninja Forms Visual Theme Builder

One thing is worth mentioning the creator of the motif felt a little rough around the edges. There were times when the interface just didn’t want to work with smaller window sizes, and other times when it was a real challenge to get specific elements to arrange properly. The problem could always be solved, but it was still annoying. With a little clarification, the visual editor could be much better.

Problem with Ninja pop-up builder

The creator of visual motifs can be a little flawed.

A / B testing and analysis

Although I haven’t had time to test and run any A / B Split tests, Ninja Popups has built-in A / B Split testing – allowing you to select and split a test of any number of published forms. You also have access to analytics separately for each pop-up form.


While this is quite explanatory, the Settings menu contains a few important things that we’ll go through here.

Ninja pop-up settings menu

General settings contains the option to enable or disable the plugin altogether. In addition, there is the option to deactivate the plugin on mobile devices, which is generally positive for the user experience. Finally, if you use Google Analytics on your site, there is an option to enable GA tracking.

welcome is the first of two important options – how are visitors welcome to your site? You can select the default pop-up window and decide where it appears (homepage, pages, posts, or categories). There is also an option to disable the plugin for users who are logged in.

Exit options give you ultimate control over the pop-up form when people leave your site. In addition to the option to select an individual pop-up, you can choose where it will be displayed (pages, posts, etc.). You can also disable it for specific and multiple URLs, as well as for logged-in users.

Ninja pop-up email integration

Mailing list manager is where you can choose which email marketing platform you use. Ninja Popups offers a lot of options in this department, including 19 third-party providers, plus email, CSV and HTML. Several email marketing platforms included:

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign monitor
  • InfusionSoft
  • Sendy
  • MyEmma and others

Advanced settings contains options for more informed users, including the ability to disable many of the included scripts in the event of a conflict. If you are looking for a way to deactivate association notifications in your forms, you can also find it here.


Ninja Popups offers several cost-effective add-ons that increase the functionality of the plugin. The first is a 10 Theme Pack for $ 7. If you can’t find a topic that suits you, out of the ones that are included, you can get another 10 for every dollar.

Next up is Optin Bars Pack which allows you to place the footer of the login form on your website. This accessory contains 16 pre-prepared motifs with customizable colors and variations for just $ 7.

Ninja Popup Footer Add-in

The last addition is Ninja Widget Extra , which allows responsive direct login forms on your site, posts, or sidebars. This addition, for just $ 6, completes the feature set and ensures that you have covered all your bases for placing a login form.

Prices and support

Basic Ninja Popups for WordPress are available on the Envato Marketplace for $ 21, which includes 6-month support from the developer and the option to extend for 12 months for another $ 6.30. Ninja Popups maintains a high rating with almost 4.5 stars and more than 1 thousand. Reviews.

Final thoughts

Ninja Popups is a reasonably priced plugin that is quick to set up and easy to use. It’s been 3 years, which means that there is a decent, albeit non-recurring, user revenue base.

If I had to pick out a few key frustrations with this plugin, there would be two things to focus on.

  1. The visual designer, while a great idea, needs some improvement. It’s clumsy and frankly, it’s not that easy. Seemingly simple tasks, such as selecting and matching multiple elements, were at least challenging. Fortunately, the plugin comes with more than enough pre-made templates to compensate for the shortcomings of the template creators.
  2. For some users who are new to WordPress, installing the plugin may be more difficult than necessary. Context menus would be a great addition, as would clearing up some grammatical errors. There were more than one occasion when I wondered what a particular setting actually meant if I didn’t really try it.

At this price point Ninja Popups is an easy way to start expanding your email list. It’s affordable, the themes covered are attractive, and there are plenty of small features and settings that allow you to fine-tune your user experience.

Get the Ninja Popups plugin

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