Responsive Pro Review: An Affordable Premium WordPress Theme for Everyone

If you are looking for a straightforward WordPress theme with a classic design, then this Responsive Pro review will be of great interest to you.

This popular WordPress theme is easy to setup, but still gives you plenty of control over how your site will look and feel. Therefore, if you want to get your website up and running as quickly as possible, this theme could be for you. So let’s find out if that is the case in our Responsive Pro theme review.

About Responsive Pro

Responsive Pro Review

You might already be familiar with Responsive Pro as the lite version is one of the most popular free themes available from the official WordPress Theme Directory. With over 100,000 active installs and an impressive user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, it’s certainly a popular choice among WordPress users looking for a high-quality free theme for their website.

However, despite the popularity of the free version of Responsive, the Pro version has even more to offer, which is what we’ll be exploring now in this Responsive Pro review.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Features

Responsive Pro Review Homepage

Responsive Pro has a clean and crisp modern design that will appeal to anyone looking for a no-nonsense WordPress theme. Whether you’re a blogger, or you’re building a website to promote your business or some other project, this theme can be easily configured to meet your needs.

As we’ll soon see in our Responsive Pro review, this theme has lots of useful little features that all add up to make it a great value option for WordPress users of all types.

SlideDeck Gallery and Slider Builder Tool

Responsive Pro Review Slider Example

SlideDeck is a popular slideshow and gallery builder tool for WordPress and is included in the Responsive Pro theme package.

This tool aims to make it as easy as possible for you to create SlideDecks – or sliders – and add them to your WordPress website. The version of SlideDeck that ships with the Responsive Pro theme gives you the option of using 13 sources for your slide content. These sources allow you to pull in content from social media, photo-sharing websites, RSS feeds, product feeds, and of course content from your own site.

Responsive Pro Review SlideDeck

The SlideDeck settings and options give you a good amount of control over how your slideshows will look and function. Although this tool isn’t as powerful as some of the other commercial slider plugins out there, it’s relatively easy to use and get to grips with.

WordPress Customizer Options

Responsive Pro Review Customizer

The Responsive Pro theme gives you plenty of scope for customization and personalization. Most of this work takes place through the WordPress Customizer user interface. This allows you to modify many aspects of your website, all through an intuitive, front-end interface, complete with a live preview of your website while you work on it.

Through the WordPress Customizer, you can take care of basic personalization tasks, such as uploading a website logo and setting the site title and description. However, there’s a lot more you can do to make your website stand out from the crowd and match your vision.

12 Color Skins

Responsive Pro Review Color Skins

Among the available settings of the WordPress Customizer, is the option to change the color skin in use by your website. Responsive Pro gives you an impressive 12 color skins to choose from. Selecting a different color option will change the appearance of the main elements of your website, such as the menu area, call to action buttons, and more.

Responsive Pro Review Menu Colors

As well as the predefined color skins, you can get more creative with the appearance of your site. Through the Menu Colors section of the Customizer, you can tweak the color palate in use by the main navigation section of your site. Thanks to the live preview capabilities of the Customizer, you can instantly see how your settings will look to your visitors, all without the need to save your changes and switch browser windows.

Responsive Pro Review Color Settings

If you’d like even greater control over the colors in use on your website, then the more general Colors section allows you to customize the background colors, text colors, and link colors quickly. For more detailed control, you can use the Custom CSS to modify your website’s stylesheet and customize the colors of any element of your site.

Front Page Layout Options

Responsive Pro Review Featured Area Layouts

The Responsive Pro theme allows you to easily create a custom layout for the front page of your website, through the WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you the option of choosing from one of the featured area layouts and then adding your own content to the fields of the Customizer.

Responsive Pro Review Featured Content

These featured area layouts help make the Responsive Pro theme a great choice for promoting a product or service, directly from the home page of your website. As the layouts include a header, text area, space for an image, and a call to action button, you can really do a good job of promoting your content or anything else you have to offer, on the front page of your website.

Responsive Pro Review Front Page Widgets

Most of the featured area layouts also include three widget spaces. This allows you to add any of the widgets that are active on your WordPress website – whether they are the core WordPress widgets or those from any plugins you’ve installed – to your home page.

When you consider the range of widgets that can be active on a WordPress website, such as pricing tables, image galleries, product feeds, social media content, and a whole lot more, there really is no limit to the type of elements you can easily add to your home page.

Page Templates and Layouts

Responsive Pro Review Layouts

With the Responsive Pro theme, you also get a nice selection of page and post layouts to choose from. This includes different content and sidebar configurations, as well as full width layouts with no sidebar on display. Having these options to hand makes it very easy to choose the right type of layout for your content, both at the site-wide level, as well as on an individual post and page level.

11 Widget Areas

As mentioned, the featured area layouts of this theme include three widget spaces. However, in total, Responsive Pro gives you 11 widget areas to work with. In addition to the home page widget areas, you’ll find the following locations that you can add widgets to:

  • Main Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar Half Page
  • Right Sidebar Half Page
  • 3 Homepage Widgets
  • Gallery Sidebar
  • Colophon Widget
  • Top Widget
  • Footer Widget

This all gives you plenty of options when it comes to displaying dynamic content in and around your posts and pages.

About the Responsive Pro Theme Author

As mentioned, the Responsive Pro theme has been created by the CyberChimps team. This team has many years’ experience of creating free and commercial popular responsive WordPress themes. They’ve also developed some WordPress plugins, and they currently have around 40 items in their portfolio.

Although Responsive Pro is their most popular WordPress theme, they’ve created many other widely used templates. While you can purchase these themes individually, by joining the CyberChimps theme club, you get access to all of their premium products for just $97.

So although this is a Responsive Pro review, let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from the CyberChimps collection, to help you decide if joining their great value club is a better option.

Other CyberChimps Themes

Responsive Pro Review Strings

Strings is one of the newest themes from CyberChimps and it’s a great choice for anyone creating a music-related website. Bands and musicians can use the features of this theme to display videos and audio recordings of their work online. The Strings theme also features a responsive slider that makes it easy to display photos of the band or promote new releases to their followers.

Responsive Pro Review Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro is a great looking magazine theme that is ideal for anyone creating a news or other content-heavy WordPress website. The clean and clear layout of Aspire Pro ensures your content gets plenty of room to breathe, while still giving you many options for how your website will look.

Responsive Pro Review Minivet

Minivet makes great use of the popular one-page layout to help you produce a professional website to promote your products or services online. The home page of this business theme contains five sections to really help you share your story and communicate your brand message with your visitors. Minivet is easy to customize and contains all of the features you’d expect to find in a theme of this type.

Responsive Pro Review ShopFront

If you need to quickly build an online store to start selling products online, then the affordable ShopFront WordPress theme could be just what you are looking for. With full support for the leading WooCommerce plugin, this theme gives you the option of either building a fully featured ecommerce store or creating a more traditional website that can list and sell products on the side.

To find out what other themes are available, visit the CyberChimps portfolio here.

CyberChimps WordPress Plugins

CyberChimps also has a handful of WordPress plugins to help you market and promote your website and its content more effectively. One of those tools is the Exit PopUp plugin. This responsive plugin will give you the ability to display a popup message on your website, just as a visitor is about to leave your website.

Responsive Pro Review Exit Popup

With the Exit PopUp plugin, you are free to choose which content you’ll display in the popup window, including an email newsletter optin form, a promotion from your online store, or some other message that will help turn abandoning users into repeat visitors. Exit PopUp is available for a fraction of the price of many of the other commercial alternatives.

Responsive Pro Review Promo Bar

If you want another way to promote your best content, services, or offers on your website, then the Promotional Bar plugin is a good option to consider. This tool makes it easy to display a fixed bar at the top of your website that contains a custom message and optional button.

This message could include the latest news and alerts from your website, a link to a specific URL, an email subscription field, or any other custom message. There are plenty of customization options and settings to play with to help you ensure your promotional bar delivers the best results for your project.

You can view the full list of plugins available from CyberChimps here.

CyberChimps Services

As well as themes and plugins, CyberChimps offers a few services to help you get your WordPress website online with as little effort as possible. This includes the Easy Setup service, through which, the team will install WordPress and your CyberChimps theme of your choice, plus a few customizations to help ensure your website is ready for your project. CyberChimps also offers a logo design service, a business consulting service to help optimize your website, and a VIP support service.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Pricing Options

The Responsive Pro WordPress theme is available for purchase directly from the CyberChimps website for the very affordable price of $19.99.

Alternatively, you can join the CyberChimps club and get access to all of their themes and plugins for just $97. This low price includes access to any future products that are released in the 12 months after your purchase, as well as access to all product updates and the support channels for a one-year period.

No matter which option you choose – whether that’s purchasing a single theme or joining the CyberChimps club – you are free to use these items on as many websites as you like, for as long as you like.

You can view the full CyberChimps pricing information on their website.

Responsive Pro WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

Responsive Pro is a great value theme that will suit bloggers and a range of other types of WordPress website projects.

Responsive Pro might not have all of the features of a premium multi-purpose theme, but it does cost a fraction of the price. Therefore, if you want a theme that is easy to use, isn’t overly packed with features, settings, and options, then the modern and stylish Responsive Pro is a definitely worth taking for a test drive.

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