How to use Smush Image Compression and Optimization [ Full Guide ]

what’s up everybody this is Walter we’re gonna take a look at Smosh image compression and optimization so lately I’m just looking at some image compression plugins. if you like smush this is a plug-in made by WP emu dev and this used to be called WP smush it I think they renamed it recently and it’s an extremely popular plug-in it’s got over 1 million installations here and the ratings are great it says 5 out of 5 which is amazing and you can see your read some of the reviews here

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if you click on them so well they have a support forum that you can find here on the plug-in website as well and some of the features here are listed they haven’t broken down so they have lossless compression which other free plugins use as well which is great they do come with a lazy loader and if you’re not sure what that is let’s say that you have an image on the page but the surfer is further up that image won’t actually load until they scroll down and that image is in their browser window and then it’ll load that page you’ve probably seen that on some websites they also offer a bulk smash here so you can optimize up to 50 images with one click now the reason they’re limiting you to 50 is they’re trying to push you to their paid version

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they do have a service and a paid plugin that you can use to accomplish unlimited or higher file sizes as well the free version has an image resizing so you can set the max-width and heights for large images so if they’re over that it’ll automatically size them down for you and it’ll have an incorrect size image detection so to locate images that are slowing down your site lets I like that feature and directory so much so you can point it to a specific directory that’s outside of the media library and maybe certain plugins don’t store the files inside of the media library you can pass that directory into Smosh and it’ll find those images and take care of that for you it also has automated optimization so if you upload your files it’ll do this automatically

while it’s uploading and it says here that it’s unlimited and free the only problem is that they limit you to file sizes that are one in size which is fine you know if you have a smaller website than 50 images per click and file sizes up to one megabit it’s not a big deal if you have a website that’s heavy in photography or you have a portfolio or anything like that with big images this might be a problem for you and then maybe another plugin such as II W W or one of the other free ones might be a better option for you something I like quite a bit is the Guttenberg block integration and just show you the smosh stats directly on each image that you optimized this way you can just kind of see how much you saved in data and it comes with multi-site compatibility which is great and it can process all your files so it handles most of the popular file formats here your PNG s JPEG and gif or gif however you want to say it they do mention here that they are award winning and the award that they’re talking to what comes from torque magazine and this is kind of a I believe they do it on a vote basis so that most people that vote for the plug-in it wins that this doesn’t necessarily mean that Smosh is the best image compression plug-in it just means that they got more votes and won it in these two years so use your best judgement there and like

More Smush Options

I said earlier this plugin is created by WP mu dev and I’m not associated with them at all I don’t make any money from them they didn’t pay me to make this video I’m not selling their product anything like that I’m just doing a video for you guys to check it out so these guys do offer some premium plugins and you can pay I believe it’s $49 a month here for unlimited sites and they do have a list hereunder plugins on their website of for forms and how to move sites and security and there’s a bunch of different ones here the one that they’re trying to upsell you on is the smush Pro plugin so this is some of the details here as well so you pay that $49 per month and you get access to all of those plugins so this would be great for somebody webp to png 1

that has you know hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands or millions of photos and they really need to get everything optimized quickly and easily so this would be great for those type of websites or those people and they do offer lossy compression which is great this really brings the file size down but keeps the quality high whereas most of the free plugins use lost lists where you still get a great benefit for free but it’s not near as ah see anyway if you’re interested you can go over to their website and check this out okay so let’s actually test this out I’m gonna install the plugin but first we just want to upload a image so I’m coming over to I’m just gonna find a random image and I’ll upload it so this one here looks kind of cool by a guy named Bernard and these pictures on are donated or contributed to the website for free and your you can use these for however you want so I’m gonna download this to my desktop and then I’m gonna upload it to WordPress here so let’s go ahead and do that okay great so I downloaded that picture to my desktop and now I’m over in WordPress and I logged into the dashboard here I’m just gonna come over to media and add new and in here we can select the files or you can drag and drop your files in here so I’m gonna go ahead and select that that photo that I downloaded earlier

ok great down here you can see I uploaded this photo and if we click on edit we can take a quick look at it and now the file size here is actually pushing that 1 megabit limit it’s 998 Kb so it should just be under 1 megabyte and the dimensions of this photo are 3006 by 40 509 so we’ll see if this will pass the test and get optimized by the plug-in so lets the go-ahead to plugins and we’ll go to add new and up into the box where I’m just gonna type in Smosh and this should bring up the plug-in that we’re looking for so again

we’re looking for this superhero girl here and it’s called Smosh image compression and optimization so we can install this now okay so now I’m just gonna click activate to get this plug-in working down here we can see it is now installed and active and they have the settings and deactivate and upgrade I’m just gonna click on settings here and now I have this pop-up window here and it’s telling me to go through a little setup process so we can begin the setup it’s asking if I want to use automatic compression so when you upload images to your sites so much can automatically optimize it and yes I would like that feature so I’m going to keep that on and just to go back there a second it does say you can do this manually as well so you can click on an image later on and optimize it but

this just takes the work out of that if you’re sure that you want every single image optimized also if you want to strip the EXIF data so this is common with photographers they like to have their information inside of their photos like their name or where the location of the photo was taken or it’s all that extra information that’s attached to a picture so if you don’t need that information you don’t require it then you could strip this data from the images and it just takes the file size down slightly so I’m gonna say yes because I wouldn’t require that and this one is using data help us improve smush by letting our product designers gain insight into what features need improvement

I never enable this stuff for free plugins especially if they have a paid version so it’s just not something I’m willing to send them they might not like me saying that but it’s just something I never do so I’m gonna finish the setup wizard and now it’s checking our images so it just went through the basic setup there and it’s looking for images that could be smushed so if we come down here you have one attachment that needs smashing so it did see the image that I uploaded if we take a look up here it has this message thanks for upgrading smush it’s a little misleading I didn’t really upgrade anything I’m not using the pro version so I’m just gonna dismiss this message and now although I see it needs one image to be smushed

I’m just gonna recheck the images anyway just to see and it says you have one image so it didn’t find any new ones but that’s that worked really quickly we’ll test that in a minute by uploading a second picture as well so let’s just go through this page quickly we have the top part here and it has some statistics of our total savings that we optimized the images for how many images we actually smushed we have the image resize savings so if you can click on this we’ll get to that in a second and the directory smush savings down here as well so we go down there’s the bulk smash though this is where you would sit here and say

you had 500 images to to smush you would click this and every time you click it it would optimize 50 of those photos so for 500 images you’d have to click here 10 different times and wait for that process so you can see how that could get annoying if you say have a hundred thousand or million pictures you’d have to sit here and do that the whole time so that might be worthy for you to upgrade to that pearl plugin and if we come down we can see some of the settings this is what we said earlier in that little wizard the setup wizard that we the pop-up that we went through to automatic Smosh and then these are the different file sizes and thumbnail types so your thumbnail picture so when you upload one picture it makes these automatically so you could unselect or select a certain type of picture that you don’t want to be optimized right so that pitch that we uploaded it makes a thumbnail for it makes the medium one a large one the post thumbnail a medium medium large let’s say you had a custom theme installed and it was for a store and you had one

here that was called product picture maybe you have a product where you don’t want the picture to be grainy or the quality to be down at all you actually want a high-quality picture there you could uncheck that and it won’t optimize that picture if we come down there’s the metadata so this is the EXIF data that we selected to be stripped we already talked about that and we have the image resizing down here so this is to resize full-size pictures so say the picture that I uploaded it’s like 3,000 or 4,000 pixels wide if you don’t want that file size you can enable this now I don’t know why you have to do this but if you uncheck

this and then click it back now you can see these fields where you can set the actual width and height constraints so let’s say all of your images you never want an image that’s more wide than 2048 pixels you could set that in here and the max height here as well so here is the detect and show incorrectly sized images so this is only visible to administrators of the website so that would be me but when you’re browsing the website it’ll actually highlight certain images where they don’t fit their window the the div or the section that they are in so for example let’s say we had an image in this box right here and it was supposed to fit in here but the browser is resizing it maybe the actual image is huge it’s like this big but it’s fitting it into this little constrained box so this feature will actually highlight that to let you know that it’s either too small for the box or it’s too big so if it’s too big then you could come back and maybe manually or automatically change your settings too to change that photo so down here we can click Save Changes once we’ve selected everything

that we want and we can see the settings have been updated and if you come right down to the bottom here it has the pro features and this is what they’re constantly trying to sell you on so if you need those features then maybe that’s a good idea for you I’m not gonna go through those any further for today okay so before we bulk smash this I’m gonna come over to this other window under media here I’m gonna go to the library and we can check out this picture and when we click on it this is the stats that it was tough I was telling you about so when it actually processes a picture it’ll show you how much space it actually saved for you as well this is how you would manually smush a picture so if you came into your media library you could come and click here and you could just clicks mush and it would it would optimize that image for you so this one it says Smosh not process so I’m just gonna leave that for now there’s we’re gonna come back over here and I’m gonna click on the bulk smash now so there it goes is gonna work on that one image

that we optimized and there we go it gave us the message all attachments have been smushed awesome and again you get an image here to try that the pro version so we come back up top here now we can see how much space we actually save so that one image it brought down quite a bit it made a fifty nine point one percent reduction and it says five images worse much so if you’re confused by why it says five there remember that one image it creates all of these different versions of that one image so this is what it actually optimized was the main image and then all of the kind of the child pictures that came from that okay so if I come back over to the media library and I just refresh this and then I click on this image again now we can see those statistics here so view stats and they’ll show you all of this information just for this one picture but this is a huge saving for this picture where it actually brought it down to 193 point 3 KB if you remember it was up to 998 so that’s a great reduction and good savings here and then all of the other post thumbnail the large the medium

the thumbnail you can see those savings as well by about 3 to almost 6 percent savings there as well so just quickly I’m gonna come back over to unsplash and I’m gonna click on a picture and I’m gonna actually upload a second one just so it is we know that it’s actually detecting new pictures that we upload I’m gonna right-click and save this again to my desktop so I’m in the media library I’m gonna click add new and then select files I’m just gonna select that file again to upload it so there we go I uploaded the second picture here and we can see it’s not processed we can see the statistics here 276 so it’s smaller than that other one and we’ll go over to smush and I want to recheck the images we can see that it found that image to actually smush.

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