Social Snap Review

Looking for a better way to handle social media on your WordPress site?

Social Snap is a complete (and modular) set of social media tools to help you with:

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Social buttons
  • Click and beep
  • Automatic sharing on social media
  • Social login

It has a really well-designed front-end and back-end interface, and it’s definitely worth reading my Social Snap report to show you how it works …

Social Snap Review: More than just social sharing

One of the differences with Social Snap is how it does it … almost everything you want to do with social media on WordPress.

Let’s start with the sign responsive buttons for social sharing, though.

Social Snap support 33 different providers, including everything you would expect. You can add share buttons to tons of different places, including:

  • Before / after content
  • Floating share buttons
  • On the media sharing buttons
  • Adhesive strip
  • Share mushrooms
  • Widget

A short code is also available and Gutenberg’s block so that you can place them manually if necessary.

You have plenty of control over the SVG icon sharing buttons, including:

  • 4 button shapes
  • 3 button sizes
  • Custom button labels
  • Custom colors
  • Input and floating animation

You can include total as well as individual sharing counters display social evidence, including a minimum number of shares feature, to avoid the embarrassing situation where a new post has 0 shares. Social Snap can also help you restore old stock numbers if you have recently changed domains or switched to HTTPS.

You also have full control over what your content looks like when it’s shared, including the ability to set meta information in an open chart:

  • picture
  • Title
  • Description
  • Etc.

You will also get some useful ones analytics functionality, as well as Google Analytics event tracking.

Finally, you also have a few other useful features, including:

  • Click on Tweet
  • Social buttons

Add-ons complement your social media strategy

Everything I shared above is available in the basic Pro plugin. Then there are a few add-ons that can help you master other aspects of social media.

They currently exist three different accessories:

  • Social automatic poster – allows you to share automatically New posts on Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Enhance old posts – helps you share existing content on Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s a great way to get new eyeballs on old content.
  • Social login – Let your visitors log in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google or LinkedIn.

There is also a fourth add-on to help you create Social content locker. However, this add-on was not available at the time of my Social Snap review.

Let’s look at it all …

Social network sharing button settings

If you want to configure all the settings, Social Snap offers you a nicely designed control panel. There is nothing in the live preview section right now. But when you configure specific settings, you’ll be able to see a live look at exactly how they work:

social snap interface

Selection of social networks

To select your social networks, go to Social Sharing → Network Management.

You can click on Add networks button to select from any of the available networks:

social overview of available networks

For each social network, you can:

  • Change the label
  • Hide on specific devices

responsive controls

I like the ability to switch networks by device – I haven’t seen that very often.

Further on the page you can choose how or how often to collect the number of shares.

Like other plugins, Social Snap allows you to connect via the API and get a number of shares directly from the service. If you opt for this route, you can choose how often it should be updated (in hours – this is important for performance).

But then it also has the option for networks without APIs that allow you to track based on clicks:


This is another unique feature I’ve never seen before – very cool.

Display location configuration

Once you’ve chosen which social networks you want to use, you’ll want to decide where to display the share buttons.

Social Snap gives you a list of all available placements – just click on the desired location to enable / disable it and / or configure how it works:


Once you select a location, a live preview appears on the right and a list of options in the left sidebar.

For example, you can configure basic display options at the top:

floating bar

And then when you scroll down, you get into more silly features like:

  • Responsive design (eg Hide specific display locations on specific devices)
  • Number of shares, including minima
  • Views
  • Animation
  • Custom colors

number of shares

It’s the same idea for all other display placements, although of course you get several options that are unique to each placement.

I want to show you two unique places in particular.

You get it first Adhesive strip choice. This one is especially great for mobile devices, although you can also use it on computers:

sticky strip

Then it’s here Share Hub, which is basically a floating action button, as he hovered over, displays a list of all your social networks:

sharing mushrooms

Social icons

In addition to the sharing buttons, Social Snap allows you to add your own profiles for social tracking buttons:

social monitoring

You can display the following buttons using either a short code or a widget (I assume Gutenberg’s block will also be on the way).

Click Tweet functionality

Social Snap comes with an integrated Click-to-Tweet feature. In the settings, you can configure how it works with respect to usernames and sitelinks. You can also choose from 6 different styles and hide clicks to tweet on mobile devices (I like this feature):

click beeps

If you really want to insert them into your posts, you can use the short code editor editor in the editor:

abbreviated code

Advanced – Analyze and restore the number of shares

The Advanced The section allows you to do a few useful things.

You can turn on analytical tracking first. You get two options there:

  1. Click Tracking – Tracks clicks in Google Analytics using Events.
  2. UTM Tracking – Adds UTM parameters to shared links.

You can also enable Bitly link shortening also show analytics.

Here you can also turn on the built-in Restore share count Properties.


Social Snap Meta Box and Shortcode Builder

In addition to these settings, you also get some new options in the WordPress editor.

You will get a new one first Possibilities of social attachment meta box that allows you to:

  • Disable sharing buttons for an individual post
  • Write a tweet that gets used when someone clicks the share button
  • Add a reserved Pinterest image to use when sharing on Pinterest (this is great because higher images are better on Pinterest)
  • Enter your own sharing destination URL

meta box

If enabled, you can also configure social meta information (you may want to disable this if you are already using something like Yoast SEO):

social meta

And then you also get the short code builder I showed you before.

In addition to being able to embed clicks on tweets, this creator also allows you to embed social sharing or follow buttons:

Short code creator

Social Auto-Poster accessory

The Social Snap auto-poster add-on helps you automate posting on social media, much like Jetpack Publicize. As you go post, you’ll get new options that let you choose which networks you want to share with.

Then you also get a new option in the meta field that allows you to customize the text for automatic publishing:

automatic post

Unfortunately, right now you can only automatically post to Twitter and LinkedIn. However, this is not a Social Snap error – Facebook has recently made some changes to the automatic posting (That’s why Jetpack no longer supports Facebook).

Social login supplement

The Social Login feature allows you to add a social login feature to:

  • Login page
  • Registration page
  • Comment form

social login

In addition to selecting allowed networks, you can also:

  • Choose from 4 different button styles
  • Choose exactly where you want to see social login options
  • Decide whether to require users to enter their email as well, or just use a placeholder email


I like the functionality here – it’s very easy to use and provides a lot of options. The developers also did a good job step by step guide how to create the social networking applications you need.

Analysis of social networks

Finally, Social Snap will provide you with a detailed analytics area where you can see data for:

  • Overall, he shares, clicks on Tweets and likes
  • Top content

analysis of social snaps

And analytics also does a good job of allowing you to filter by specific:

  • Social networks
  • Metrics
  • Time frame
  • Location
  • Etc.

Social snap prices: There is a free version

In this Social Snap review, I focused fully on the Pro version and its add-ons. But in reality it exists limited free version at if it’s more in your budget.

If you want access to all the premium features, you have several different options.

He’s here first Plus plan for $ 39. This plan will give you access to all the Pro features on one site, however excludes supplements. So no automatic poster, no social login, etc.

if you do If you want add-ons, there are two plans:

  • For – $ 99 – use on 3 sites.
  • Agency – $ 299 – use on 15 sites.

Prices of social snaps

Final Thoughts on a Social Snap

Social Snap is built really well. I was amazed by the user experience across the entire interface. In addition, the buttons look gorgeous and you get really nice placement options, including this unique sharing center.

Social Snap has done a great job of building sensitive controls – almost anything can be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s device.

And it also has all the other features you’d like, with:

  • Total number and number of individual shares (including this unique click tracking approach for non-API networks)
  • Analytics
  • Social meta information
  • Click and beep
  • Social monitor icons

Then, if you’re willing to pay a little more, supplements can help you handle social media in other ways as well.

Overall, you should definitely check this – offer and 30 day money back guaranteeso you don’t risk anything.

Get a Social Snap

If you’d like to see more options, check out our tips for the best social sharing plugins and the best social sharing bars.

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