Top 23 Paper Bag Mockups for 2021

Looking for some awesome paper bag mockups that can add a fantastic touch to your design presentations? This post will help you.

There are many reasons why using paper bags has become the latest trend. They are recyclable, reusable, and energy saver. Also, they cut down toxic waste and help in conserving natural resources. Therefore not only individuals but businesses should also choose custom-made paper bags to show how socially responsible they are. This way, they will not only gain business profits but also make their businesses lovable among their target audience. And needless to say, socially responsible brands gain customers’ trust faster. 

Now designing personalized paper bags for personal and commercial purposes is easier than ever. In this post, we will talk about the top 23 paper bag mockups that can help you have a preview of how your creative and branding design would look on a simple paper bag. All these mockups are easy-to-use. So, let’s get to know about these mockups.

Paper Shopping Bag Mockup

paper shopping bag psd mockup

Shopping bags capture the essence of a brand. Especially paper bags offer a wide range of designs, formats, handles, and finishes. There are many possibilities that every shop can make the most of by designing a paper bag and providing a perfect shopping experience. Moreover personalized paper bags with a brand name and message act as a great marketing tool. Design such a useful bag with this mockup. The mockup includes 10 PSD files, available in high resolution. You can change the colors, modify the background, and more.

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Cement Sack Bag Template

cement sac bag mockup

This is a photorealistic mockup, allowing you to show your label design on a cement sack bag. Also, with this, you can sell your products while branding the business in an easy yet professional way. You can use this mockup to create any presentation for your clients or on a poster design as well. Other than editing the label design, you can also customize the background color. You can change the color and design just the way you want. Smart objects are available for logo customization too. Get this unique and easy-to-use mockup now and start customizing to create a flawless design presentation.

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Snack Pouch Packaging Mockup

paper snack pouch packaging mockup

When it comes to choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly way to deliver or sell food, pick a paper snack pouch packaging option. These are useful for not only packing items but also branding a business. So, design such a useful paper snack pouch package easily with this PSD mockup set. This set includes 10 high-quality mockups for customers. In this set, you also find 3D rendered images with shadow details, reflections, and multiple angles. You can easily edit the whole thing and create a completely personalized presentation to impress your clients.

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Food Bag Packaging Mockup

paper food bag mockup

Paper bags are useful and cost-effective packaging solution in the food industry. Many restaurants and other food establishments use these bags for delivering or selling food items. Other than being an eco-friendly and convenient take-aways solution, these bags can be customized to create brand awareness as well. So, design such a paper bag with this paper food bag packaging PSD mockup. You can place your design on the brown paper bag, add logo and text, and change color. Also, you can customize the background. Editing the whole thing is super easy, thanks to smart objects.

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Cement Bag Mockup Set

paper cement bag mockup

If you want to showcase your design through a high-quality realistic presentation, this paper cement bag mockup is a perfect choice for you. It includes 4 high-resolution PSD files with 3D smart layers. Other than editing the bag, you can also have full control over shadows, light, and color. It guarantees a wonderful look for both bright and dark designs. It also fits perfectly in any shape. Above all, this mockup set includes a help file, guiding you throughout the editing process. So, get this easy-to-use cement bag PSD mockup now and design a paper cement bag easily.

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Winter Sunlight Themed Bag Templates

winter sunlight themed paper bag mockups

This is a perfect mockup set for both personal and commercial use. It enables you to showcase your designs in a modern and elegant way. It is a pack of 7 mockups, all are easy to edit. You can pick any of these mockups, customize and have a preview of how your design would look on real-life objects. The background and shadow effects of sunlight add a beautiful touch to your final presentation.

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Kraft Shopping Bag Mockups

kraft paper shopping bag mockup

This mockup displays kraft paper shopping bag designs. It works perfectly with presentations and portfolios, helping you showcase all kinds of screen-printed graphics. Thanks to its clearly labeled layers and well-organized folders, you can customize the whole layout in a breeze. You can change the bag handles, add your own custom design, add an overall pattern, modify the background, and more. So, whether you need to show a paper bag design for print purposes or a digital showcase, this mockup set is a perfect choice for you.

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Kraft Snack Bag Mockup

1614274047 75 kraft paper snack bag mockup

Many companies, retail stores, food joints, restaurants, etc. use paper snack bags for delivering or selling food items. These bags are sturdy, eco-friendly, convenient to use, and look elegant. In addition, some companies can do branding on these bags and promote themselves. Design such a paper snack bag easily with the help of this kraft paper snack bag mockup. This mockup includes 2 PSD files, displaying the front and back sides of paper snack bags in a simple structure. You can change the color, add text on the bag, modify light and shadows. In just a few clicks, you can create a wholesome presentation of colorful paper snack bags and catch the attention of your clients and customers.

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Sachet Mockup Set

paper sachet mockup set

Choose this paper sachet mockup set, including 7 PSD scenes along with 4 HD backgrounds and modern packaging design. You can use these mockups and create useful and simple-looking paper sachets for sauce, wet wipes, salt, pepper, seasoning, mayonnaise, and other food branding packaging designs. As all the mockups are easy-to-use, finishing a completely professional design with this set is possible in just a few clicks. Above all, you can easily share your packaging presentation on different social media platforms and reach a wider audience after adding your designs to mockup scenes.

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Matte Shopping Bag Mockup

matte paper shopping bag mockup

Let your clients visualize your creative design idea on an elegant paper shopping bag with the help of the matte paper shopping bag PSD mockup. The mockup here features a matte finished sober paper shopping bag with a rope handle. In addition, its special layers and smart objects help you create amazing work on paper bags easily. So, get this mockup set now and brand yourself on an elegant paper shopping bag. Also, if you are working on clients’ projects, impress them with outstanding paper shopping bag presentations.

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Shopping Bag Mockups

shopping bag mockups

This is a pack of 3 shopping bag mockups, allowing you to showcase your design and branding in a professional way. Thanks to smart objects, you can replace the current design with yours within just a few seconds. Other than customizing the front of the bag with your own creative design, you can also change the inside, side, and rope color of the bag. Furthermore, the background color is changeable too. Above all, a help file comes with this pack, making the whole set very easy-to-use.

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Paper Shopping Bag Mockups Set

paper shopping bag mockups set

This is another beautiful paper shopping bag mockup that includes 3 high-resolution PSD files. Available in PSD Photoshop-compatible format with smart object feature, this mockup allows you to replace the existing design with your own creative artwork in a breeze. You can easily change the inside, side, and handle of the bag along with the background as well. So, get this easy-to-use mockup set now and showcase your branding design professionally.

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Shopping Bag Mockup

simple paper shopping bag mockup

This is also a paper shopping bag mockup, including 1 PSD file with 1 individual view. It consists of special layers and smart objects, making the editing process quick and easy. Get this mockup to showcase your branding and packing design to impress your clients and customers.

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Flour Bag Mockup

flour paper bag mockup

One of the best uses of high-quality paper bags is for packing food items, like flour. Now you can design custom-branded paper bags with this flour paper bag mockup. It includes a PSD file, featuring an individual view of a simple paper packaging bag. In addition, the mockup includes well-organized layers and smart object feature to make the editing process quick and hassle-free for you. In a nutshell, this is a perfect mockup to showcase branding and packaging design for driving the attention of clients and customers.

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Kraft Bag Mockup

kraft paper bag package mockup

This paper bag mockup features a half-side view of a kraft paper bag, useful for packing food items and similar things. You can use this mockup to showcase your design on a kraft paper bag in a half-side view and help your audience visualize your design concept. The mockup includes special layers and smart objects to make the editing process easy and help you showcase amazing artwork.

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Realistic Shopping Bag Mockup

1614274049 370 realistic paper shopping bag mockup

This is a beautiful photorealistic paper bag mockup, featuring a woman holding a pretty-looking simple paper bag. The background’s simple, elegant and vibrant color and texture add a wonderful touch to the whole appearance. If you already have your creative design and text ready, place that on the front side of the bag’s body. After that, hit save, and there is simply nothing else to do. In other words, you can have your final paper bag design presentation ready quickly and easily. So, without thinking twice, use this mockup and showcase your design on a paper bag that can be useful as a shopping bag, jewelry bag, and more.

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Coffee Bag Mockup

1614274050 297 paper coffee bag mockups

Paper bags act as a great holder for freshly ground coffee for a variety of reasons. If your company provides delicious, fresh coffee grounds or beans, specially designed, custom-branded paper bags are the perfect solution for packaging the products. Use this paper coffee bag mockup and help customers take home your signature coffee blends in custom paper coffee bags. The mockup includes smart layers on each side of the bag. You can change color, add design and make additional modifications easily.

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White Paper Bags Mockup

1614274050 256 white paper bags mockups

This mockup features two paper bag pouch daypacks with window, enabling any creative designer to showcase own work in a simple yet professional way. In the PSD file, you can create your own fully customizable packaging design where displaying your own brand is easily possible. You can put your branding design or logo on the mockup with smart objects. Thanks to this smart object feature,  you can edit the layers of the graphic canvas or remove them completely and place your own graphics inside, without even worrying about perspective, lights, shadows, and reflections. The smart-object in the main file updates itself according to the changes you make to it. In addition, all objects are in separate layer groups with plenty of individual layers. As a result, you get more control over editing the mockup and creating a presentation.

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Kraft Bags Mockup

1614274050 946 two kraft paper bags mockup

Do you want to show off a completely custom-made paper packaging design for personal or professional branding purposes? Use this kraft paper bag mockup set. It has all the useful features to help you easily add your brand logo and additional details on the bags. You can also change the background color, adjust highlights, and shadows. The best thing is, the smart object updates itself whenever you make changes in the template. If you face any difficulty using the mockup, go through the instruction file that comes with the pack.

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Simple Paper Coffee Packaging Mockup

simple coffee bag mockup

Paper bag packaging is very popular nowadays, especially for packing and selling coffee. Brands prefer these types of bags because they are made of multiple layers, keeping coffee inside fresh for a long time. In addition, these bags have layers of kraft paper outside as well, giving a feel to customers and making them know the brand is environmentally aware. Moreover, if you design your paper coffee bag with a heavy-duty zip-lock, the customers can use such bags for storing the product as well. So, have a significant brand presence on the cluttered shelves of a store or your buyers’ kitchen and make your brand stand out. Here presents a simple coffee bag mockup, helping you design such a coffee bag for branding purposes. It has a simple structure. In the file, all the design elements can be switched on or off as per your project requirement. It includes two smart layers, helping you edit the whole thing easily.

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Bubbled Postal Package Mockup

bubbled postal package mockup

The bubble padding inside or outside of a paper bag provides a strong layer of protection. It protects the product inside of the bag from any kind of damage from vibration and mishandling. Also, such padding stops the object from sloshing inside the bag by absorbing and cushioning any impact. Here presents a bubbled postal package mockup that can help you design a custom-made paper bag with bubble padding easily. The mockup has a simple structure and includes two sample labels. You can switch off the label option as per your design requirement and preference. In addition, you can choose any color for the bag and background that will fit best to your overall design. You can also change the opacity of lights and shadow layers. Get this mockup now and present your branding design on a useful paper bag package in a breeze.

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Colorful Shopping Bag Mockup

colorful shopping bag mockup

Design paper tote bags and drive the attention of your clients and customers. This shopping bag PSD mockup helps you design paper bags for your company’s branding. The whole layout is easy to customize, thanks to smart object support. You can change the color of the background or completely remove it as per your need and preference.  Also, you can adjust lights, shadows, and effects. What are you waiting for? Don’t you think it is a simply superb mockup that can help you showcase your branding design in the best possible way? Use this mockup now and enjoy editing!

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Elegant Coffee Bag Packaging Mockup

elegant coffee bag mockup

Design a simple and elegant paper bag for coffee packaging. Showcase your branding on the bags for advertisement purpose. Its smart object options helps you adjust your design easily. other than editing the bag, you can also change color by using its solid color layers. In addition, its high resolution allows it to be used for commercial purposes. So, without thinking twice get this premium-quality coffee bag mockup. Customize the layout just the way you want.

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For more such useful paper bag mockups options, check out our post on easy-to-use paper bag mockups collection.

Final thoughts,

Needless to say, paper carrier bags capture the essence of a bag and act as wonderful advertising means. Therefore these days, companies prefer these types of bags. Also, customers love such bags because they are recyclable and useful. So, to give your brand a boost and customers a pleasant shopping experience, design a personalized paper bag. All the above-discussed mockups can help you showcase your creative design on different types of paper bags easily. So, which one is your favorite? Go for it and enjoy customizing. You will feel amazed to see a wonderful paper bag design presentation is just a few clicks away now.

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