Why Social Media Templates Are Must-Have For A Winning Instagram Marketing Campaign?

No secret, these days people use social media for many purposes. The times when we came to SM platforms only to chat with mates are far away now. You use SM to do shopping, read different reviews, search for services, etc. There is no business niche which is not online in 2019. That is why so many business people use Instagram marketing for their needs. Users all over the globe do their best to promote a company or a startup with the help of the Internet. In this post, I’m going to show you how to use social media templates to promote a business smartly.

Why Is Instagram Marketing Your Must-Have?

In accordance with the latest statistics, Instagram marketing can double your audience. When crafted smartly, this is the fastest way to attract new prospects to your business. What is more important, you can easily enter the global market. That is why creative Instagram templates are so popular nowadays. Just take a quick look at these numerals.

  1. As of June 2019, Facebook has 2.4 billion monthly active users.
  2. 58 minutes is the average amount of time a user spends on Facebook every day.
  3. 5 Facebook accounts appear every second.
  4. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users.
  5. It also has 600 million daily active users.
  6. There are 500 million daily Stories users on Instagram now.
  7. Pinterest has 291 million monthly active users.
  8. 70 million of the users active on Pinterest are from the US.
  9. The average Pinterest user visit lasts 14 minutes.
  10. The total number of Pinterest pins is more than 175 billion.

Who And Why Needs Catchy Social Media Templates in 2020?

Before everything else, let me explain to you what social media templates are. Basically, these are the ready-made, pre-designed layouts. They are comfortable in use and SM-oriented. For example, an Instagram page layout template allows users to create a professional Instagram marketing campaign rapidly. No extra skills or something like that needed. You just pick the needed template and replace the default content with your texts and images. Actually, users of all skill levels can work with these products.

Social Media

Grab unlimitedly instagram templates for posts & stories. Create stylish Instagram profile with astonishing design.


Creative Instagram Templates: How to Choose Them?

Here is the most popular question beginners ask. When it comes to choosing social media templates, everything depends on your needs. You have to know your audience so that you can understand which features to look for. Still, there are some functions any modern Instagram page layout template should come with. Don’t stop reading because that is what I’m about to show you below.

Terazzo Natura

Terazzo Natura Seamless Pattern

This is a gorgeous and inexpensive 12 patterns pack, inspired by terrazzo structures and using natural colors. All the patterns are vector, resizable and seamless, being a good match for graphic design and social media. They’ll also meet the purposes of creating mock-ups, printing projects, stationery designs, textiles, etc.

Terazzo Natura pack includes 6 unique pattern designs, each coming in light and dark versions. Colors of all patterns are natural and matching one another. So, you’re welcome to create awesome design concepts with these easy-to-use patterns!

Of course, it’s super-easy to edit the Terazzo Natura pattern colors with global colors. What’s more, the particles of the same color are grouped for trouble-free editing. All the particle shapes are also fully adjustable.



Lucia - Instagram Posts Social Media

Do you want your Instagram presence to attract more attention and get more subscribers? Then, you should start publishing cool Instagram posts for the promotion of your business.

Lucia template is perfectly tailored for this purpose. It includes 20 minimal and animated Instagram post templates that will meet the needs of fashion and beauty stores, interior design businesses, other online stores and business Instagram accounts.

Lucia post templates are available in PSD format. So, to edit the images and text of these animated post templates, you’ll only need Photoshop CS6 or higher. Detailed guidance on how to edit animated Instagram templates is also included.


Animated Instagram Stories

ANIMATED Instagram Stories – Lina Social Media

Don’t know what to post? No time to do new stories? If you want to publish creative and animated Instagram stories promoting your products or services, use Animated Instagram Stories template.

With the package of 10 fully editable animated stories for Instagram, you can make your Stories cool with hand-made continuous line illustrations, pastel patterns and handwritten fonts.

Animated Instagram Stories template is easy to edit and add your images to. You can edit text, colors (except for line) and move the elements around. All animated effects will still work. Once you’re done customizing one of the animated story templates with Photoshop CS6+, just export a video, and you’ll be ready to post!


SINBAD – Social Media Pack Social Media

SINBAD Social Media Pack Social Media

At the outset, SINBAD is a full-fledged social media pack. The set contains outstanding banners crafted for Instagram marketing in different styles. It includes creative Instagram templates and not only. Here is what you will find in the pack of SINBAD:

  • 14 Square templates for Instagram (1200×1200);
  • 2 Colors of all templates;
  • 14 Horizontal templates for Facebook (1200×627);
  • highly organized and labelled layers & Fully editable files;
  • 14 Vertical templates for Pinterest (1200×1500).

All the SINBAD social media elements are so simple to customize. You can change them without trouble. Just add your images and captions, and voila! By the way, SINBAD lets the user changing color schemes up to their taste.

BOSH – Pack Social Media

BOSH - Pack Social Media

Bosh is a magnificent Instagram page layout template with a creator-friendly design. In case you are looking for a trendy way to present your business online, check out BOSH. On average, there are 3 product sizes on the BOSH pack. They come with Instagram Post, Stories, and Pinterest optimization. The images are easy-to-place while the fonts are fully changeable.

What is in the pack of BOSH? By choosing this social media templates pack, you get 12:

  • Insta Posts,
  • Insta Stories,
  • Pinterest Post.

Each Instagram page layout template has Retina-ready design. The files are well-organized and professionally layered. They have pixel-perfect shapes and easy-to-change pictures. All these shapes are vector-based when texts are 100% editable.

MAON – Social Media

MAON - Social Media

When it comes to Instagram templates, any detail matters. MAON is a cute and clean SM pack with editable texts, fonts, and colors. The social media templates MAON contains can easily be edited in Adobe Photoshop. The pack also has 3 sizes for various social media platforms. Next with these templates, you get free fonts. They are readable and eye-friendly so that your posts will look perfect. To say more, MAON comes with Smart Objects feature. The creators added it to ease the image editing process.

Gravity – Instagram Pack Social Media

Gravity Instagram Pack Social Media

Do you need a worthy Instagram page layout template to showcase your business? Don’t miss Gravity tho! Long story short, it is a voguish set full of ready-made elements. In case you need an Instagram marketing tool, Gravity would be a ready-made solution. Here is what you can see in the pack:

  • 20 square templates for Instagram,
  • 2 trendy color schemes,
  • 100% editable files,
  • free typefaces and images.

No matter if you are looking for an Instagram food template or creative Instagram templates, Gravity will suit. This is a multipurpose product which fits many business and personal needs.

FERNS – Instagram Stories Pack Social Media

FERNS Instagram Stories Pack Social Media

To put it briefly, FERNS is a colorful Instagram page layout template. The item has a modern, stories-oriented design that is so easy to tweak. If you are looking for an interactive way to inform followers and promote business… Well, you know what to do. You can effortlessly showcase new stuff, introduce upcoming sales, etc. In addition, with the help of FERNS Instagram templates package, you can share live video events. On average, there are 12 social media templates in the set.

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media

Pastel - Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media

To begin with, Pastel is an elegant minimalist Instagram templates package. It contains 15 eye-pleasing templates that are absolutely ready-to-post. Needless to say, it is easy to change any detail. No web design experience or other special skills needed. You can perform the necessary changes in a single click of the mouse. Also, every Instagram page layout template from the Pastel pack is high-resolution.

Fine – Instagram Puzzle Social Media

Fine Instagram Puzzle Social Media

Finally, it is time to pay attention to Fine Instagram Puzzle SM package. It brings a new editing way to today’s users. How does it work? In a word, to change the design, you only need to edit 1 PS file. Once you’ve edited the file, all the preinstalled slices will make the final 27 posts. As you can see, if you need a winning Instagram marketing, this pack is your must-see. Furthermore, by choosing the product, you get such pre-designed elements as:

  • Texts,
  • Lines,
  • Rectangles,
  • Leaves,
  • Branches.

Among the other features of Fine Instagram Puzzle, you can see the following:

  • Easy Color Change,
  • Smart Objects,
  • Well-organized and layered files.


Girlboss – Social Media Pack Social Media

Girlboss Social Media Pack Social Media
Would you like to find a sweet, trendy, and wholly ready-made social media templates package? Girlboss is an attention-grabbing and SM-oriented product. It gives any business a style boost. There are ace style and unique color schemes to use. In a word, Girlboss would be a perfect tool for the next purposes:

  • Instagram marketing,
  • Social media adds,
  • Blogs,
  • Creative business,
  • Fashion, etc.


Peony – Instagram Puzzle + 11 Photos Social Media

Peony Instagram Puzzle + 11 Photos Social Media
Same to the previous Instagram page layout template, Peony contains Insta puzzle feature. This hip option will quickly ease your life. Would you like to further the working process without losing quality? Thus, let’s see what you will get in the pack of Peony. This charming Instagram templates pack contains the next features:

  • 27 preinstalled Photoshop slices,
  • 11 Inclusive pictures,
  • Mobile snapshots,
  • Peony drawings,
  • Typography examples,
  • Smart Objects feature, etc.

Basically, Photoshop is all you need to work with Peony package. However, you won’t need any extra knowledge. Even non-techies can style groundbreaking social media layouts thanks to the user-friendly functionality.

MALINA – Social Media Pack & 20 Pattern Social Media

MALINA Social Media Pack & 20 Pattern Social Media
MALINA is another lucrative thing to start a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Initially, this soft set contains 24 designs you can set individually. You get the next social media templates:

  • Instagram templates,
  • Pinterest templates,
  • Facebook templates.

By tradition, each and every product is completely flexible. You can change any detail up to your taste or business needs. It will be as easy as pie. Just use one of the following tools to tweak a template:

  • InDesign,
  • Illustrator,
  • Photoshop.

What else will you find in the package of MALINA? The set also contains free eye-friendly typography, which is essential for any business niche. These typefaces are readable and clean. They won’t interrupt your prospects so that they can see the introduced items in all their beauty. Besides, you get high-quality images and 20 seamless patterns to create the perfect content.


These were all the social media templates I wanted to share with you today. As you can see, there is no need to be a coding guru to work with them. All these handy products are absolutely creator-friendly. It means you can craft ace and unique designs in a fast way. The statistic shows that in 2019, under-25-year-olds use Instagram 30+ mins a day.

Seeing that, don’t you think that it’s time to start using Instagram marketing for your business? Just choose the set you like and start posting. It won’t take much time, but the result will definitely surprise you. Now you know how to develop your business with the help of social media. To finish with, which features or tools you find the most helpful for SM marketing purposes? Let me know in comments.

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