WooCommerce Lottery – Contests and lotteries WordPress v2.0.3

WooCommerce Lottery extends the popular WooCommerce plugin with lottery features. WordPress lotteries have never been easier!

The WooCommerce lottery plugin is easy to use, but it’s also a powerful solution, so website owners get a true WordPress lottery solution that is easy to set up and customize.

With our lottery module, you can set up the WooCommerce lottery website and launch your lotteries in less than 30 minutes (provided you have a payment processor ready). If you are a theme developer who wants to create a WordPress lottery theme for Envato, just buy an extended license and you’re ready to go.

Please read documentation and check out our WooCommerce lottery example (sample runs on the latest WordPress, WooCommerce and the latest version of the WooCommerce lottery).

  • Ready for WordPress 4.9+, Ready for WooCommerce 2.6+ and 3.4+
  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce through its hooks
  • You will get a new type of product WooCommerce – lottery
  • Define the number of lottery winners – 1 or more
  • Winners / users can win one or more prizes
  • The ability to return a ticket with a single click if the lottery has failed
  • Possibility to complete the lottery immediately if the maximum number of tickets has been sold
  • Define the minimum and maximum number of available tickets
  • Define the maximum number of tickets per user
  • Set the start and end time of the lottery
  • Easily control how you want the lotteries to appear – along with other items or on a separate page
  • Widgets ending soon, future, last / last, recommended, recently viewed, my lotteries and random lotteries
  • Email notifications (with customizable email templates) for lottery win, failure, completion, no luck
  • The lottery has a lottery icon (label) on the lottery
  • Manually rebuild the lottery
  • One product page has a new “Lottery History” tab
  • User has page “My lotteries”, where you can see active lotteries and won lotteries – page with short code [my_lotteries]
  • Filtering lotteries in the product list (wp-admin)
  • The lottery product has an icon that describes a different state of the lottery: active, completed, completed and paid, unsuccessful (wp-admin)
  • Lots of short codes, including a short code to display my lotteries for a logged in user
  • Earn lotteries from any type of Woocommerce product – simple, virtual or downloadable products
  • Manually delete any ticket via Woocommerce order management – deleting an order will delete the ticket
  • WPML compatible
  • Allow users to create and submit your lotteries, and you as a site owner can charge a fee (via multivendor plugin)
  • Cronjobs are required – if your host does not support 1-minute cronjobs, you can use a third-party cron service as easycron
  • Select ticket numbers, manually select the winner and question / answermodification available (extra charge) – check the demo and screenshot manager – for more information, contact us via the ticket system or e-mail [email protected] – Features included: ticket number selection, questions / answers, manual selection of winning numbers – if you want to use the 3rd party draw option, such as national lottery numbers, service such as https://www.random.org/ or a custom random number generator.