WP Media Folder – Media Manager with Folders v5.3.14 + Add-ons

Stop searching for an image through thousands of media and instead move like a file browser on your desktop. You will be able to upload and drag media to folders and subfolders.

WP Media Folder is a real-time time-saving plugin that allows you to manage and order files and images from your native WordPress media manager. Using the default WordPress media manager also means that the plugin will be highly compatible with all the other plugins you use. There is no need to add anything else, just watch our demo and get a clear idea of ​​what you can do with it. The plugin also includes an improved version of the WordPress Gallery Manager with themes + NextGEN Gallery Importer.

Upload individual or multiple files directly to the desired folder, create folders, subfolders, subfolders, and so on. Select the files, drag them, and sort the media into cover image folders. Stop wasting time searching for your pictures!

The advanced function of the WP Folder media library is available in the Gutenberg editor. In addition, the media folder plugin has 2 dedicated Gutenberg blocks for managing advanced WordPress galleries (the default extended gallery and WordPress gallery from the plugin add-on).

Because WP Media Folder builds on WordPress’s native media manager and simply overloads it, you can stop using it at any time without risking losing any media. This means that if you want to uninstall the plugin, you will not lose any WordPress content. In addition, folders are generated using a custom taxonomy that does not change any reference to your medium, even if you move them from one folder to another.